Alexander Linnemann

Professor. Alexander Linnemann (* 14. July 1839 in Frankfurt/Main; † 22. September 1902 in Frankfurt/Main) was a German architect, glass painter and a Kunstgewerbler.


Linnemann studied first for one year art sciences at that University of pouring, afterwards architecture at the technical university in Berlin. After the study he worked several years in Dresden, among other things at the restoration of the Albrechtsburg in Meissen. 1866 it created an architect's office in Mainz. Among other things it worked in this timeat the restoration of the Mainzer of cathedral also.

1872 it returned to Frankfurt and operated here until 1877 an architect's office. Apart from different own orders is its cooperation at the new building of the stock exchange (1878, architect: To emphasize Heinrich Burnitz and Oskar summer).

Starting from 1878 it turned underthe influence of his friends Eduard Jakob von Steinle and Peter Becker that glass painting too. it kept 1880 common with Steinle the order for the interior organization after a fire rebuilt Frankfurt cathedral.

Linnemann created painting for more than 100 churches and buildings of everyday. Many of its workswent through the destruction in the bombardment lost, among other things the windows of the Katharinenkirche in Frankfurt, arranged between 1873 and 1906 by Steinle and Linnemann.

Linnemann died to 22. September 1902 in Frankfurt. Its grave is on the main cemetery.

Its two sons Otto Linnemann and Rudolf Linnemann continued the work of their father.


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