Alexander victory mouth of Pfalz Neuburg

Alexander Sigismund of Pfalz Neuburg (* 16. April 1663 in new castle; † 24. January 1737 in Augsburg) was prince bishop of Augsburg.

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Alexander Sigismund of Pfalz Neuburg became to 16. April 1663 in new castle as a fifth son of the Pfälzer cure prince Philipp William and his Mrs. Elisabeth Amalie of Hessen darmstadt born. When godfather functioned the acting prince bishop of the diocese Augsburg, Johann Christoph of Freyberg, it became for the religious conditions certainly and by the Jesuiten at the paternal yard in Duesseldorf and Neuburg educated. In order to guarantee its maintenance, he was ordered with the help of his godfather to the Koadjutor and thus bishop successor 1681 in Augsburg. 1688 it suffered a heavy riding accident, received to 1689 the Priesterweihe and followed 1690 its godfather uncle as a bishop.

bishop of Augsburg

as a new bishop it unfolded various activities and reformed the yard and financing, worried about the city and road construction and intensified the Seelsorge by regular inspections. Particularly after the effects of the Spanish of succession war with the battle with high city it could bring high pin to 1704 relatively fast back to economic prosperity.

In addition however a plot of many years with the bishop von Konstanz Johann Franz came gives from Stauffenberg, which strove for the Koadjutorwürde of Augsburg. A cause was one to today not clarified illness, which was called „Melancholey “or „continuously heavy indisposition “. The Konstanzer bishop took it to the pretext, in order to maintain at the Viennese yard and in Rome the government inability of the Pfälzers. In addition its payment indignantness came to the having citizens for the war mentioned. 1714 took place the illegitimate choice from Stauffenbergs to „the Coadjutor cum plenipotentia in spiritualibus et temporalibus “, which was confirmed later by Pope and emperor. Also the cure prince Johann William of the Pfalz, brother of the bishop gotten sick, congratulated to the choice. That much „laidige condition of “its brother is well-known it. It took four years, to obviously directly again the Alexander Sigismund with its remaining family, genesene before the choice, (among other things Cure prince Karl Philipp of the Pfalz) its right again to intersperse could. Starting from 1718 it could continue its reform work up to its death 1737. It Johann Franz followed gives from Stauffenberg. This very day it is disputed who is responsible in the long run for the fact that after its four government years the diocese experienced a national bankruptcy.

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