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Alexander Johann Heinrich Spoerl (* 3. January 1917 in Duesseldorf; † 16. October 1978 in Rottach Egern) was a German writer, film and a broadcast author.

Spoerl was born as a son of Gerda Spoerl and Heinrich Spoerl, the author of the Feuerzangenbowle. After the school time (upper six-form high school in Duesseldorf Bilk) it studied first mechanical engineering at the technical university Charlottenburg. Starting from 1939 he hired as an interpreter, engineer, film production assistant, Mietwagenchauffeur and appeared starting from 1950 in the Schriftstellerei.

Spoerls most well-known works developed into the 1950er year. In its charakterischen style - a mixture from humor and irony, mixed with a melancholischen Unterton - it took the weaknesses of its contemporaries again and again both in the present and during the national socialism, authorities, officials and law, and the car on the grain and in the visor.

It published numerous books, partially. , In addition, specialized books (with the car on you, the large dog book) and star wrote novels ( memoirs of a moderate pupil, sidewalk) as autotester for the magazine. Its last work the brown thirties it could not complete no more, it in its deduction was found and 1988 published.

Alexander Spoerl is the creator of the utterance „first of all comes it differently and secondly than one thinks “and the rule that one has to only then in-shear in the traffic if the outdated one in the rear view mirror is to be seen.

Spoerl died to 16. October 1978 at a cardiac infarct in the Bavarian Rottach Egern at the Tegernsee and was buried there on the catholic cemetery, on which also Ludwig Thoma found his last peace, in the Gruft of its parents. The grave was in the meantime gradened.


(so far well-known: with feature year)

  • 100 years star brewery (1972) - on behalf and co-operation with STAR BREWERY Carl SPARK AG, meal
  • Alexander Spoerls computer book (1971)
  • on the bosom of nature - a cheerful book for people within and outside of the tent (1956)
  • car in the winter - a small gossip with practical tips for driving a car in the winter (given change of the Continental AG)
  • beer writing
  • sidewalk - Aufsässiger novel (1954)
  • the large autoABC (1970)
  • the large dog book
  • the new fishing rod book in color (1977)
  • the new dog book in color (1978)
  • the alphabetical Mr. (1973)
  • the iron broom. Of father and son Spoerl (1949) common with H. Spoerl
  • the sound makes the music: everything over plates, volumes and devices (1975)
  • the man, a murder did not commit - a nearly serious crime film-alga-laminated (1951)
  • humans in the car - exposures and pieces of advice (1965)
  • of the breakdown at the collar (1962)
  • the other people - from forty-five to today (1967)
  • the brown thirties (from the deduction, there the author during the conception deceased) (1988)
  • the thing caught from the front on a youth novel (for children starting from 10) (1976)
  • a unbegabter married man (1972)
  • a unbegabter lover (1952)
  • films with Spoerl (1967)
  • catch fish - 100 tips for fishing (1960)
  • Gentlemen in Pants - text book for the gentleman in the house (1955)
  • Gentlemen can do it (extended and improved new edition for Gentlemen in pants) (1965)
  • groschen + millions - all important one over Lotto and Toto, Kreuzchen and systems, employment and profit (1969)
  • to Hausherrenbrevier (1985)
  • I have nothing thereby do (other title for “the man, no murder committed”) (1951)
  • year and class 1917 (cooperation beside Paul Seuthe and Heinrich Boell)
  • small man build in the Tessin (1963)
  • matte shark at the last - novel around a world fall (1960)
  • more over the heating (1975)
  • memoirs of a moderate pupil (1950, most popular work)
  • humans of third class (over homeless people, among whom Spoerl mixes as a teacher) (1968)
  • with the car on you (1953)
  • with the motorcycle on you (1971)
  • with the camera on you (1957)
  • with motorcycle and scooter on you (around 1955)
  • moral under water (1953)
  • Pachmayr in such a way - personal record of a corpse (1968
  • ) breakdown register (given change of the chemical factory of Heyden AG
  • ) like that is the everyday life a joke (1960
  • ) came humans on car (1963)
  • test - for humans, the one car buy (1959)
  • handling a goddess (1958)
  • Under the school bench (narration volume)
  • increasing a little thing (1964)

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