Alexander Tschäppät

Alexander Tschäppät (* 16. April 1952) is a Swiss politician (FR). It is Bernese since 2001 local council (executive) of the city Berne and since 2004 city president.

The son of the well-known Bernese city president Reynold Tschäppät learned advocates as occupation. It was of 1982 - 2000 presiding judge and 1979 as an town councillor (legislation) was selected. He dressed this office until 1991. Between 1991 - 2003 it was national council and from 1993 to 2005 president of the commercial federation Switzerland. Alexander Tschäppät has two adults of sons and lives with Partnerin and two dogs in the Merzenacker.

To 28. November 2004 obtained Alexander Tschäppät its largest political success. He was selected with more than 60 per cent of the voices to the new Bernese city president and dissociated briefly Wasserfallen (FDP) around more than 8000 voices.

Its political commitment can be summarized as follows:

  • Fairer distribution of the center loads
  • promotion of housebuilding in the city Berne
  • residential environment improvements
  • promotion of the bernischen culture work
  • personnel-political requests (z. B. ) Tschäppät accuse
  • flexible
  • pensionable age to education questions improvement

of the equal chances critic to be mindful too much on self-manifestation.


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