Alexander Winokurow

Alexander Winokurow in Lüttich
Alexander Winokurow
with the route de France 2005

Alexander Winokurow (Russian way of writing АлександрВинокуров, * 16. September 1973 in Petropawl, Kazakhstan) is a kasachischer (ethnical Russian) wheel running driver. Its name is shown frequently also in French Transkription with Alexandre Vinokourov.


as very kämpferischer Allrounder admits become Winokurow became in the year 1998 wheel professional with the French running universe Casino and became equal total winner with four days of you churches. After a successful season 1999 - Winokurow won among other things the heavy stage running Dauphiné Libéré - it changed to the German team Telekom. With the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney it became in the road running of second behind January Ullrich. In the season 2001 it could win the Germany route.

In the year 2002 Winokurow won the spring stage running Paris Nice. With the route de Suisse 2002 it won the stage after Samnaun. Additionally to the usual victory premium a nameless mountain was designated after the winner of this stage. Since then this mountain carries “Piz Winokurow “for the names.

Its by far best season drove Alexander Winokurow however to 2003. Only in this year it could strip its image not to act due to its aggressive style of driving tactically enough in order to have really large success. It drove nearly during the entire season on extremely high level, which represents an exception in the modern cycle racing. In March it won again however under dramatic circumstances Paris Nice. Its victory he dedicated to its compatriot and friend Andrei Kiwiljow, which had an accident during same running deadly. In May it won the wheel Worldcup - classical author Amstel gold Race and in June the renowned route de Suisse. It crowned this achievement in July with the third place with the route de France, a stage-win and the honor as kämpferischster drivers.

The year 2004 passed against it rather unfortunately for Winokurow: After it had concentrated its season completely on the route de France, it fell with the route de Suisse driven for preparation and had to call the route off de France. Only in the autumn the Kasache came again into form, won the second-class German rain IO route and got bronze when time driving the Strassenrad WM.

In April 2005 it won the important wheel classical author Lüttich Bastogne Lüttich, to 26. June became he kasachischer master. With the route de France to 13. July 2005 it won the elfte stage of the route de France 2005 from Courchevel to Briançon and the locking stage to Paris. There it could terminate through an attack in the last round eleven a years continuous series of Sprintsiegen on the Avenue of the Champs Élysées. In the Gesamtklassement it became fifth.

While de France communicated Winokurow to the route that he will leave its running universe team T-mobile. With its new crew Liberty Seguros Würth it expects in the following two years a victory with the route de France.

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