Alf Mintzel

Alf Mintzel (* 1935 in Augsburg) is a German sociologist and Politologe.

After it had originally studied art, it existed 1967 in Berlin the sociology diploma, in order to study afterwards still political sciences. it attained a doctorate to 1974 to the Dr. phil. and 1978 habilitierte itself.

1962 to 1981 he worked on Zentralinstitut for sociological research of the FU Berlin. There it was absolutely, involved in the development of the party manual, the standard work of the party research. From its feather/spring the articles originate over the Bavaria party and the CSU. From 1981 to its retirement 2000 he was full professor for sociology at the University of Passau.


  • the CSU. Anatomie al einer konservativen a Partei, 1975.
  • History of the CSU, 1977.
  • The city yard in the press history 16. , 17. and 18. Century, 1979.
  • The people's party: Type and reality, 1983.
  • with Heinrich Oberreuter; Parties in the Federal Republic of Germany, Leske and Budrich, Opladen, 1992.

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