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Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
district: Hildesheim
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 59 ' N, 9° 50 ' O
51° 59 ' N, 9° 50 ' O
height: 90-180 m and. NN
inhabitant: 21.197 (31. December 2004)
Postal zip code: 31061
Preselection: 05181
Kfz characteristics: REAR
address of the city administration: Market place 1
31061 Alfeld
official Website:
mayor: Karl-Heinz Duwe

Alfeld (line) is the second largest city in the district Hildesheim in the southern Lower Saxony (Germany).

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geographical situation

of Alfeld lies in the line mountain country between the line in the west and the seven mountains (to 395 m highly) in the northeast. The surrounding mountain country is called „Alfelder mountain country “orIth - Hils - mountain country “(to 480.4 m highly).

city arrangement

Alfelds of local parts are: Brunkensen, Dehnsen, Eimsen, Föhrste, Gerzen, Hörsum, Imsen, long felling trees, Limmer, Lütgenholzen, Röllinghausen, bag, warts, Wettensen and Wispenstein


of municipal rights would be allowed to do Alfeld between the year 1220 (in the emperor Friedrich II. in the Confoederatio the religious princenationalwonderful rights guaranteed) and the year 1258 (the year of the oldest received documentary mention Alfeld as city) lent its. In the year 1315 the Alfelder municipal law of the city Dassel was lent. In oldest time Alfeld belonged to the diocese Hildesheim. After the pin feud (1519- 1523) came it to the duchy Braunschweig Wolfenbüttel. In the review the Braunschweiger time Alfelds was golden age, in which in Alfeld economics and culture flowered. 1643 dropped back Alfeld after the separate peace of Goslar to the diocese Hildesheim . Due to realm deputation main conclusion it came 1803 briefly at Prussia, then to the Kingdom of Westphalia, after which Viennese congress became it 1815 the Kingdom of Hanover subordinated. When result of the German war became this 1866 of Prussia annektiert, to which then also Alfeld up to the end of the Second World War belonged,which displeased the welfentreuen parts of the population. Since 1946 Alfeld belongs to the country Lower Saxony.

the Hanse

the city belonged to the smallest cities in the Hanse. Alfeld occurred in the year 1426 the Saxonian standard ware. Thus the city became,in 14. and 15. Century by the trade with beer, hop, canvas and linen yarn became rich, indirectly a Hanseatic city. Today Alfeld participates regularly in the Hans day , which organizes in memory of the tradition of the Hanse since 1980 once in the yearbecomes.



Karl-Heinz Duwe

name and coat of arms

see: Coat of arms of the city

partnerships between cities

it exists already a very long partnership with the English city Sidmouth. The pupils of the Carl Benscheidt six-form high school visit this place regularlyin the context of the school exchange once in the year.

townscape, culture and objects of interest

Alfelder city hall
market route
Lateinschule, heute Stadtmuseum
latin school, today city museum

the townscape Alfelds coined/shaped from framework constructions, those after devastating city fires of the past however predominantly that 19. Century come of.

To emphasize under the framework constructions is the latin school of 1610, an impressing building of the German Renaissance in such a way specified. The latin school is decorated with numerous carving boards, whose obtain picture program a comprehensive picture of the education formations of the late human. Numerous symbolic purchases of the representations refer early 17 to the pansophischen time background . Century, thus the time of Jakob Böhme or a Johann Valentin Andreae, so the representation of the “chymischen wedding” and the rung and cable ladder. Remarkable is to that extent also the planet house in such a way specified, which might be built after one in former times at the building attached inscription 1608. Thisexhibits two carving disk rows, which representations of the seven planets and the five senses show. The confrontation of planets and/or. Metallic one and the human body are to be read before the time background as representation of the correspondence teachings from Mikrokosmos and macrocosm to. At the planet house is also a Schnitzfrieswith the representation Einhorn and two fabulous creatures, probably concerns it here pharmacist symbolism. The documentary proof of a pharmacy in the planet house is however - despite referring to the presence of an a horn pharmacy in the Alfeld 17. Century - so far not successfully. Further one with carving platesverzierte buildings in Alfeld were that at the beginning 20. Century burned down Kaland house from late 16. Century (individual plates are received and in the latin school used as local history museum are kept) and a further building at the market place, its carving plates however already toward end 19. Century were removed.

Remarkably under the older buildings is surely also the reconditioned city hall, which itself in its current appearance - since 1586 - when a building of the Weser Renaissance represents. Keep in track earlier gothical assembly levels are to be still recognized, such (more überformter) a gothical Treppengiebel in the west. Maintainedbecomes the city hall of the Waltraud and Burghard Meyer donation (both founders are from Alfeld).

Further the gothical resounding church pc. is remarkable. Nicolai, those already 1205 Archidiakonatskirche was and today - since 1543 Evangelist - when town church Alfelds, which is house church of the Alfelder Superintendenten. Superintendent is to time Mr. PastorWolfgang Pohlmann. The reformation was introduced by Bugenhagen into Alfeld.

The main altar of the pc. Nicolai church, those originally the city patron, who holy Nikolaus and the holy virgin Maria are geweiht, stands today in the Minoritenkirche in Cologne, where an earlier Superintendent is to have sold it arbitrarily.The fate of the altar and its salesman is exemplary in particular for handling of the Alfelder church with her entrusted the art-historical preciousnesses, which numerous altars and Epitaphe fell to the victim. From the remainders the pc. originally hands interior equipment to that. Nicolai church is to emphasize a earlygothical triumph crossfrom the first third 13. Century. Perhaps the only work of art of world art rank in Alfeld.

In 13. Century received a city attachment (barrier and wall) with four town-gates to Alfeld. One of the city towers is to received today, in 15. Century builds Fillerturm. It received itsName after the Abdecker, the “Filler”. The largest part of the city attachment is between the end 18. and late 19. Century broken off and up to insignificant remainders of park plants friendly put on yielded.

Gropius in Alfeld

real admits is Alfeld forthe architectural history of the 20-century, which manifests itself in the buildings of the Fagus work in Alfeld, delighted from 1910 to 1915 after drafts of walter Gropius. This building of factories is considered as an indicative work of modern architecture and is the forerunner, if not even the collecting main for that Building house Dessau been and Alfeld thereby the actual establishment place of the building house style. Numerous further, mostly buildings walter of the Gropius' in Privathand are into and around Alfeld present, but so well unknown. Many of these already are by the present owners toconverted to the indiscernibility. The complete interior arrangement of a Alfelder mansionmansion mansion, which became Benscheidt mansion, sketched by Gropius, auctioneered by the descendants of the original owners in Monaco, because itself in Alfeld themselves not necessary 100,000 DM for the purchase of the culture-historically inestimably valuable ensembleby the public hand to apply left.

Since end of the yearly 2005 the opportunity kitchen furniture sketched by Gropius is offered back too ersteigern for Alfeld. The ensemble consists of a Büffet, a buffet, Küchentisch with 2 chairs and a firewood box. Everything insimple, schnörkellosen and cubic style in ash, white-paints. After 18 years furniture is to cost entirely € 75,000.

in the context

of a Werbekampagne the city their proximity takes up and maintains Schneewittchen and Alfeld to the seven mountains Schneewittchen lived or livesin Alfeld. Anyhow the brothers Grimm are to have written their fairy tale on journeys in this region. Depending upon interpretation of the facts this is probable or not. Beside the seven mountains there is no just as clear, objective connection with the region. The city fit their Internet appearanceon and 2002 established a moving way of the same name, the Schneewittchen path. Apart from numerous appearances „of the Alfelder Schneewittchens “on advertisement posters and in brochures, also the local catering trade offers compositions of the same name, as for example the Schneewittchen plate.

Many Alfelder cannot identify themselves with the campaign however, becauseit seems nevertheless far fetched. According to Alfelder newspaper brought in the action also still no considerable successes, why is speculated when the city (finite) their connection with walter Gropius takes up and in this realeren and more objective purchase (also) for itself recruits.

A popular narration, thosereally in Alfeld are the robbers Lippold legend played. In their the origin of the blue stone, which ziert the Alfelder coat of arms and is appropriate this very day vorm for city hall in Alfeld, is clarified: The daughter of the Alfelder of mayor was kidnapped by the robbery knight Lippold into its cave.A daily it and it got sick should a medicine from Alfeld get. Since it was not allowed to tell anybody somewhat, it complained the stone their wrong. Their tears colored the stone blue. Their father had heard it and erhängten on the next day the Alfelder the robber inits cave.

traffic Alfeld not only

like Hanover because of

the line, but is connected with the state capital also by one of the oldest railway lines in Lower Saxony, the north section of the Hannöver south course is to economics and infrastructure [work on]. This developed 1847, since Hanover should be connected with Kassel. One decided for the most favorable route, which led by the line valley and by Alfeld. To 30. April 1853 was driven on it by the first course. The provisional terminator point was Goettingen. About 140 years later (1991) replaced the new building distance Hanover peppering castle the old connection. Only with problems or nocturnal passenger traffic the slower old distance will drive on. Due to the citizen will Alfeld got a I alto and since December 2005 also by the metronom in the hour clock is started. In 28 minutes can one reach Hanover. To 25. September 2005 was baptized those metronom - locomotive ME 146-13 on the names „Alfeld “. The change of the Alfelder of station, built in the 70's -, altogether 3.4 million euro are to cost and to in the middle of 2006 to years after outline of the old Alfelder of station finally its.

The B3 leads directly by the Alfelder local part Limmer and the there Gerwerbegebiet. The so-called „north tangent “(1986 finished placed) connects the city with the federal highway.

resident enterprise

the Alfelder paper factory is beside the Fagus work, Fagus GreCon and Fagus Dimter, onethe largest employers in the region. The paper factory was built 1706. In the year 1992 the Hannover paper factories became Alfeld Gronau AG into the world-wide-active sappi - group integrates and 2004 officially renamed of „Hanover paper “in „sappi “(south african PAPERs products industry). In Alfeld is oneof altogether only 2 manufacturing plants of the enterprise in completely Germany. They manufacture graphic papers, special papers and cellulose.

Sappi - tower is beside the two approx. 50 m high towers of pc. Nicolai and that 22.12 m high sky mountain tower (on 307,5 m over NN)in the seven mountains the highest landmark of the city.

Alfeld in the literature

Alfeld appears in the Saxonia chronicle of Hermen Bothe already in the late Middle Ages. Heinrich Heine mentioned in its in France appeared writings the Hödeckensage.

In the storm (English Orginaltitel: Talk StormRising), a novel of Tom Clancy, is the city Alfeld a strategically important place, both for NATO and for Soviet armed forces. Both fight 1986 for sources of oil in the Near East. The Red Army is to strike down an alleged German threat. Alexejew, that deputy generalthe Russians, the break-through succeeds over the line with Alfeld.


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