Alfons III. (Toulouse)

Alfons of Poitiers (Alphonse de Poitiers) (* 11. November 1220; † 21. August 1271 in Corneto with Siena) was a younger brother of the French king Ludwig IX. the holy one. He was count von Poitiers starting from 1226 and count of Toulouse starting from 1249.

Alfons was a son of the king Ludwig VIII. and the Blanche of Kastilien. 1225 left its father by will the county Poitou as well as a part of the Auvergne , which were called since then Terre royale d'Auvergne and raised later to the duchy Auvergne , to it as Apanage.

According to the contract of Paris of 1229 he married 1241 Johanna of Toulouse, daughter of Raimund VII. (IX.) of Saint Gilles, count of Toulouse, by its death it 1249 (as Alfons III.) Count from Toulouse became.

At the end of of 1241 it had itself a revolt of the powerful poitevinischen Vasallen Hugo X. from Lusignan , that with support of the English king Heinrich III. erwehren. and its own father-in-law Raimund VII. acted. With the help of his brother, king Ludwig IX., struck Alfons the opposite side to 21. July 1242 in the battle of Taillebourg.

Alfons participated in two crusades of its brother: 1248 at the sixth (sieved) crusade to Egypt, 1270 at the seventh (figure eight) crusade after Tunis.

to 1252, with death of its nut/mother Blanche of Kastilien, he became common with his younger brother Karl von Anjou regent for the absent Ludwig IX. In this time it had large portion of the negotiations, which led to the contract of Paris of 1259, in the king Heinrich III. of England recognized the loss of large parts of his possessions in France, among them normandy , Maine , Anjou and Poitou, while France stopped its support of English rebels.

It furnished its main achievements however on its properties. It let devastations of the Albigenserkreuzzugs and was first, which undertook an attempt to establish a centralized administration eliminate with which it prepared the combination of the areas with the crown. The document for the city Riom, well-known as “Alphonsine , became the law book of the Auvergne.

Despite its-poetic character and its permanent financial bottlenecks he protected the middle class against the encroachments of the aristocracy. In addition, it had a positive influence on the south of France, instructed in the year 1249 in the Poitou first regional driving out of Jews.

Alfons of Poitiers died to 21. August 1271 in Corneto with Siena on the return of respecting crusade without inheriting (its wife at the same place on the day before had died). It was buried in the Basilika Saint Denis, its Lehen into the Domaine were integrated royal. Only the Comtat Venaissin, a component of the county Toulouse, he left to the Pope, in whose possession the area remained until 1791.


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