Alfons IX. (León)

Alfons IX. of León (* 15. August 1171 in Zamora; † 23. or 24. September 1230 in Villanueva) was king of Leon from 1188 to 1230.

According to Ibn Khaldun it carried the surname “El Baboso” (the Sabberer), since it had foam before the mouth with rage accumulations.

Alfons was the only son of king Ferdinand II. of León and Urraca of Portugal. He was cousin of Alfons VIII. of Kastilien, and its successors. Although he took over the part of the work of the Reconquista, the king is mainly admits by his difficulties with the Pope due to his successive marriage ceremonies. Its first marriage was with its cousin Teresa of Portugal 1191, with which it had two daughters. The only son died young. The Pope anulierte the marriage, to which Alfons gave no more attention, there it was tired from his wife. It had probably no bad conscience to leave Teresa and married soon thereafter in the year 1197 Berenguela of Kastilien (* 1180; † 1246), the daughter of its cousin Alfons of the noble one and Eleonore of England. For this act of disobedience office and kingdom were extracted from the king.

The Pope saw himself forced to modify its threat measures that if the people do not receive the services of the religion, it to the Klerus would not support and shed they would expand. The king was further its office extracted, which continued to care him however not, and he had the support of his Klerus. Berenguela left it after the birth of five children, and the king returned to his first Mrs. Teresa, to whose daughters he bequeathed the kingdom.

The children of Alfons and Teresa from Portugal were:

  • Sancha (* 1192; † 1270)
  • Dulce, and/or. also Aldonza mentioned (* 1195; † 1243)
  • Ferdinand (* 1204; † August 1214)

Alfons oldest daughter Sancha was engaged with its cousin Heinrich I. from Kastilien, but Heinrich died before the wedding in the year 1217. Since it wanted to enterben its oldest son Ferdinand, king invited Alfons Johann of Brienne to marry its daughter Sancha and to enterben thus the leonesischen throne. His second Mrs. Königin Berenguela persuaded Johann of Brienne, to marry instead one of her daughters. Although Sancha stood in the succession after the death of its father in the first place, it was simple for Berenguela and Ferdinand to ignore her. Sancha became nun in Cozollos, where she died 1270; later it was adorned. Its sister Dulce and/or. Aldonza lived with its nut/mother in Portugal.

The children of Alfons and Berenguela of Kastilien were:

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