Alfons Maria Jakob

Alfons Maria Jakob (* 2. July 1884 in Aschaffenburg; † 17. October 1931 in Hamburg) was a German neurologist with important contributions in the area of the neuropathlogy.

Alfons Jakob studied medicine in Munich, Berlin and Strasbourg, where he attained a doctorate to 1908. After the medical license to practise medicine 1909 it began its clinical activity with the psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin and worked in the departments for neuro morphology under Alois Alzheimer and Franz Nissl in Munich.

1911 went to the Jakobs to Hamburg, where he became director/conductor of the laboratory for pathology at the urban hospital Hamburg Friedrichsberg. After it in the 1. World war had served, returned it to Hamburg and continued its academic career. It was recognized 1919 as a specialist for neurology and appointed 1924 the professor for neurology at the University of Hamburg.

Alfons Jakob studied the consequences of the injuries of peripheral nerves and secondary nerve degeneration, the morphologic changes in the multiple Sklerose, Friedreich ataxia, glioneuralen juvenilen Dystrophie (Alpers illness), spongiosen Encephalopathie. It published five Monographien and more than 75 articles in technical periodicals.

Jakob was an estimated teacher and its laboratory attracted scientists from Japan, Russia, Italy and the USA .

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