Alfons Schuhbeck

Alfons Schuhbeck (* 2. May 1949 in trusting stone) is a German star cook and book author.

Grown up as Alfons meager in the Upper Bavarian Chiemgau he tried first as a telecommunications technician. Fast it recognized however its suitability lacking for the occupation. When it stopped off with its volumes in the Bavarian holidays place Waging not far from Salzburg, it discovered Sebastian Schuhbeck, which became it soon the paternal friend the restaurant operator/barkeeper. Schuhbeck adopted Alfons, employed it in its restaurant and used it as inheriting.

Alfons soon already became the driving Kraft in the Schuhbeck' enterprise and convinced the guests with its grandiosen cook art. The “Kurhausstüberl” became already soon the secret tip for the better society of Munich and Salzburg and was promoted in such a way from the village hotel to the point restaurant. It already at that time acquired itself a call as a “prominent cook”, with whom politicians, television star and high-level personnel out and were received.

Its it completed practical training years in Salzburg, Geneva, Paris, London and Munich (among other things with fine food beetle, Dallmayr and in the restaurant Aubergine of kind of hitting a corner funny man) as well as in the hotel management school bath realm-resound. In the year 1980 he finally transferred the Kurhausstüberl to Waging at the lake.

it received a star in the Guide Michelin, of the Gault Millau to 1983 it with 17 points and 3 hoods was distinguished and 1989 to the cook of the yearly selected. Since 1990 it operates a party service, with which it many hochklassige meetings like the Federal Chancellor celebration, which ball of the sport or the ECHO - award of the prize supplied. it opened a new restaurant to 2003 named south animal oiler rooms at the Platzl in Munich. In December 2003 it received again a star, in November 2005 to it the Five star dia. moon Awards by William Hetzler, board Member OF the American Academy OF Hospitality Sciences, was lent.

Beside meanwhile over 20 published books it achieved large popularity particularly by numerous television appearances. Beside its regular cook ending, which he moderates in urwüchsigem Bavarian, he is regular customer in many talc and Fernsehshows.

Schuhbeck collected during 90's the funds (allegedly more than DM 60 million) for investments in. Into connection with dubious plant practices it came under fraud suspicion, however in one legal proceedings was to a large extent rehabilitated. Among other things Schuhbeck was alone order-entitled over an account with Citibank in Monte Carlo, over which several million DM of investor funds ran.

Beside Schuhbeck operates also still another cook school, an ice shop and a spice fashion shop.

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