Alfred Bekker

Alfred Bekker (* 27. September 1964) is a writer. It published so far more 300 novels and approx. 1000 Kurzgeschichten in all category the maintenance literature. Its novels (Hardcover, Paperbacks, paperbacks and booklets) are presented frequently again and appear partly than translations also abroad European. Important aliases are: Neal Chadwick, Henry Rohmer, Jack Raymond, Jerry Cotton, Janet Farell, Leslie Garber, Robert Gruber, Brian Carisi, Dave Branford, Chris Heller, Ashley Parker, Conny Walden and other one.

Originally it came as a reader of the Science Fiction and the Fantasy , was however successful due to the market situation first in completely different category such as Western, crime film and horror.

Thus it wrote as “Neal Chadwick” at the series “commissioner X” and wrote a paperback novel to the RTL Krimiserie Quincy. Later he was a main author of the Gruselserie Jessica Bannister and for approximately 8 years writes he Jerry Cotton and Cotton paperbacks, besides in addition, series-independent detective stories and thrillers like “a ball for Lorant”, “the killer waits again and again…” or recently “Münster wolves”.

By its participation in the Science Fiction series star fist, Ren Dhark, bath Earth, titanium star adventure and SYNDIC (common with PR-author Conrad Shepherd) however the Science Fiction became the strongest single section in Bekkers work.

At present it writes each third novel of the Bastei Science Fiction series star fist apart from its activity for Jerry Cotton and in the autumn 2005 appears a Hardcover novel to the Science Fiction series BATH EARTH under the title the BEAD CHARDHIN in the charm moon publishing house. For the HJB publishing house it writes for years at the Hardcover continuation of the Ren Dhark series as well as at the special volumes and the spin off series “Rhen Dhark star jungle galaxy”, “research circular scrapers CHARR” and “the MYSTERIOUS”.

In Carl Ueberreuter publishing house the first two volumes from Bekkers crime film series SCENE the MIDDLE AGES in the Hardcover under the titles “conspiracy appeared against baron Wildenstein” and “the dog of the mischief”. Volume 3 of the series appears 2006.

A new series-free crime film paperback appeared under the title CATHEDRAL WOLVES in the Gmeiner publishing house and acts of booklet authors, which writes and into a murder case is entangled Western.

A historical Piratenroman appeared under the alias Ashley Parker (in co-operation also. W.A.Hary) came as if PAPER-bake out. An Hardcover expenditure is with conception of the world already on the market and 2006 appears the expenditure for paperback with Ullstein.

Western under the aliases Neal Chadwick, Jack Raymond and Henry Rohmer published and appear the same in the relevant rows with Kelter and Bastei, apply to mountain novels, which Bekker predominantly wrote under the name Robert Gruber and Conny Walden.

In the Kelter series erring light, midnight and Gaslicht appear woman Gruselromane under the alias Leslie Garber. With lightning a Larry is Brent novel under the name Chris Heller in preparation. Now and then Bekker finds the time for a novella for the phloem egg row “shade realm”, for which he used then the aliases Jack Raymond or Henry Rohmer. A Fantasy novel to the game of roles Midgard appeared recently under the title the GATE AFTER TA-MEKET, after it before with the SEARCH FOR DHUM and AXTKRIEGER - WHICH had written WANDERER already extensive Fantasy novels after own motives.

Somewhat completely new began Bekker only recently: A Event manager called it due to a press article with emphasis on his characteristic as a crime film author and looked for someone, which itself crime film action for a kind game of roles - Event in the context of a five-course menu to invent could. “In principle that is nothing else, as if one invents an action for a Cotton - only one has here the problem to do it with material humans to have, whose reactions one must steer in certain way, while I can maintain Bekker in the novel simply that this and that happen evenly exactly the same, like it me into the stuff fit”, say and adds: “In the meantime a meeting of this kind was accomplished already with good success and good press and we becomes this thing in the future far marked out. Times sees, what from it becomes. “


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