Alfred brown

Alfred brown (* 3. May 1888 in Berlin; † 3. January 1978 ebd.), was a pioneer of the German broadcast. Brown among other things reporter and radio play director became famous as broadcast.


Alfred brown was a pupil of max of Reinhardt and received his first commitment to 1907 as an actor at the citizen of Berlin Schiller theatre. At November 1924 Brauns activity began with the radio, first as a speaker, later also than director. Broadcast history its Live reports enteredof the funeral service for realm minister of foreign affairs Gustav Stresemann (6. October 1929) and the award of the Nobelpreises for literature at Thomas's man (10. December 1929).

The seizure of power of the national socialists terminated 1933 provisionally Brauns career. Although it temporarily arrestsand to his dismissal into Switzerland, returned Alfred brown had moved 1941 to Germany. During the Second World War he wrote the film scripts to the LV films the golden city and Kolberg among other things for Veit Harlan.

After end of warAlfred had brown success as radio play - and film director, among other things 1953 with the Zarah Leander - film Ave Maria.

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  • voices 20. Century: The sound of the twenties.Prod.: DHM/DRA, 2004. (Contains the audio CDBrauns Rundfunkreportagen from the year 1929.)
  • William Shakespeare: Romeo and Julia with Klaus Kinski. Direction: Alfred brown. Prod.: Berlin broadcast, 1949.

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