Alfred Brehm

Alfred Brehm

Alfred Edmund Brehm (* 2. February 1829 in Unterrenthendorf, today Renthendorf with new city to the Orla; † 11. November 1884 in Renthendorf) was a German zoologist and writer. Its name became by the Buchtitel Brehms animal life to a synonym for popular-scientific zoo-logical literature.

Alfred Brehm (pointed name: Chalihl Effendi) buildup in the Thuringian Dörfchen Unterrenthendorf as a son of the minister Christian Ludwig Brehm and its second wife Bertha. Christian Ludwig Brehm made itself as Ornithologewith publications and an extensive collection of stuffed birds in the professional world a name. Over 9.000 dead birds offered in the parsonage building a view of the European bird world. The research of the father aroused early the interest Alfred for the Zoologie,but its career aspirations were it to become architect.

In the spring 1844 Alfred Brehm came to a building master into old person castle into the teachings. He learned the bricklayer handicraft until September 1846 and completed the old person citizens art and handicraft school. It went to at the end of of 1846to Dresden, in order to study architecture, the study broke off however after two terms, because at his time well-known ornithologists Johann William of Mueller a companion for Africa - expedition searched. As secretary and an assistant of the baronby Mueller Alfred Brehm broke to 31. May 1847 to a five-year expedition up, which it to Egypt, into which the Sudan led and on the Sinaihalbinsel; the scientific yield was so important that it at the age of only 20Years one distinguished with the membership of the academy of the natural scientists (Leopoldina).

After its return it began 1853 with the study of the natural sciences at the university in Jena. Like its brother Reinhold it became with the Corps Saxonia Jena,a student connection actively; because of its Forschungsreisen by North Africa it received the respectful pointed name “Pharao” from its Corpsbrüdern. After only four terms it locked its study 1855 with the graduation . With its brother Reinhold it went 1856 on onetwo-year Spain journey. Afterwards it established in Leipzig as free writers and was written numerous popular-scientific contributions for the famous arbour and other magazines. Occasionally it undertook 1860 an expedition to Norway and honing-lapping country.

In May 1861Alfred Brehm married its cousin Mathilde attraction, with which he witnessed five children. Its travel desire did not hold it for a long time at home. Thus it took gladly an invitation of the duke Ernst II. to 1862. from Saxonia Coburg and Gotha, it on oneTo accompany journey after Abessinien. Afterwards it went still several times to Africa as well as to Scandinavia and Siberia. In the years 1878 and 1879 he undertook two journeys to Hungary and Spain on invitation of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, thatHobby Ornithologe was and Brehm up to its death remained in a friendly manner connected.

Its essays and reports on a journey from the animal world met with large approval in far circles of the education middle class, so that the publisher gentleman Mr. Julius Meyer with it a large vielbändiges work overthe animal realm for bibliographic Institut in Hildburghausen ordered. As Brehms animal life announced it it world-wide. Although Brehm misinterpreted the behavior of animals from today's viewpoint, its work is also today still another term.

Its life was with thatliterary work and the research and lecture journeys plentifully filled out. Nevertheless it accepted 1862 the appointment to the first director of the zoo-logical garden in Hamburg and kept this position until 1867. Afterwards it pulled to Berlin and furnished theresplendourful aquarium . It kept this activity until 1874.

In the winter 1883/84 Brehm undertook a lecture journey into the USA. Briefly before its departure its four children at Diphtherie, living with him , got sick. Brehm, since 1878 the widowerwas, decided nevertheless to the journey, since it could not apply the money for the otherwise due contractual penalty. At the end of January reached it then the message of the death of his youngest son. To the mental pain the malaria came, to the AlfredsBrehm had already suffered in recent years in Africa. At the 11. May 1884 it returned to Berlin. In order to find peace, it pulled in July again into its homeland after Renthendorf, where it at the 11. November 1884 died. Thereis today also the Brehm memorial place.


  • illustrated Thierleben, (1864) - (1869), in later expenditures than Brehms animal life travelogs
  • from northeast Africa, (1853) travelogs
  • from North America, (1855) life
  • of the birds admits, (1861, 2. Edition 1868)
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  • prisoner of birds. A hand and a text book for lovers and male nurses of native and fremdländischer cage birds, (1872, with many scientists)
  • journey to the Kirgisen.From the Siberia diary 1876, (1982)

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