Alfred Dregger

Alfred Dregger (* 10. December 1920 in Münster; † 29. June 2002 in Fulda) was a German politician (CDU).

It was from 1956 to 1970 mayors of Fulda and from 1982 to 1991 of chairmen of the CDU CSU - Bundestag faction.

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training and occupation

after the attendance of the human Marien High School in Werl (since 1937 German high school for boys) became Dregger 1939 Armed forces call up. To end of war it served as a soldier, last as captain and a battalion commander. Dregger began 1946 a study of on the right of and political sciences, which he locked 1949 with the first legal state examination. it made the second legal state examination for 1953. 1950 was already itto the Dr. jur. attained a doctorate . From 1954 to 1956 he worked then as an adviser in federations. From 1970 to 1983 it was member of the board with a power supply firm in east Hessen.


Alfred Dregger became in Münster as a son of a director of publishing house gebohren. Its youth spentit on the mütterlichen farm. Its brother became after that 2. Weltkreig at the east front misses.

Alfred Dregger was married and had three children; the oldest son died 1972 with a tragic traffic accident.

a party

Dregger was member of the CDU and from 1967 to 1982 their regional chairmen in Hessen.

As such he was leading candidate of its party altogether four times, could however neither against Albert Osswald (1970 and 1974) still against Holger Börner (1978 and 1982) succeed.

1969 it in addition member in the Federal Administration became and were from 1977 to 1983 of deputy Federal leaders of the CDU.

Dregger was a most prominent representative of the steel helmet parliamentary group in such a way specified, a nationalconservative wing of the CDU.


from 1962 to 1972 it was member of the hessian federal state parliament.

Was from 1972 to 1998 Alfred Dregger member of theGerman federal daily. Here it became immediately member in the executive committee of the CDU CSU - Bundestag faction. 1976 it became the deputy chairman and after the turn in Bonn in October 1982 as a successor of the past office holder Helmut Kohl selected to the Federal Chancellor the chairman of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Groupselected. It kept this office by November 1991. Its successor became the past of federation Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Schäuble.

Alfred Dregger was with the election to the Bundestag 1972 still over the national list Hessen and afterwards always as directly selected delegates of the constituency Fulda in GermanBundestag drawn in. It reached 1994 55.1% the delivered Erststimmen last with the election to the Bundestag.

public offices

from 1956 to 1970 he was mayor of Fulda.

frequently unreasonable and historical Ignoranz were accused to positions Dregger, particularly in purchaseon the role of the armed forces in the national socialism. On Alfreds Dregger decreases/goes back the Slogan liberty instead of socialism , with which the CDU pulled with the election to the Bundestag 1976 into the election campaign and which absolute majority with 48,6% missed only scarcely. In the 70's was it a vehement proponent of the penetration radical decree; otherwise a prohibition of the DKP was required after its view. Dregger was one the signer of the call “against forgetting” to 8. May 1995, among other things beside Jörg Haider, Gerhard Frey and Franz Schönhuber.

Dreggerused itself strongly for the release of German soldiers. End of the 80's strong it made itself for the release of the former SS-Hauptsturmführers Ferdinand Hugo. Dregger were after-said also contacts to the right-wing extremist combination “silence assistance”, however never proven. The itinerant exhibition “the crimes of the armed forces 1941- " it called 1944 an attack on Germany.

In Fulda as one of the first cities during his time as mayors people on social security were obligated to non-profit work, to hourly wages of under two DM. The “star” uncovered in the 70's that the garden ofDreggers official residence was maintained in this way.

Friedrich Merz said in the mourning speech: “Alfred Dregger was a man of firm convictions and clear words. Only few against-placed themselves over decades political linking in Germany as clearly and clearly as Alfreds Dregger. “


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