Alfred green forest

Alfred green forest (* 16. January 1884 in Vienna; † 24. February 1951 in New York) was a Austrian Operettenlibrettist.

In co-operation with Franz Lehár, Emmerich Kálmán, OSCAR Straus, Paul Abraham and Robert pride he created the texts to numerous Operetten. It had to emigrieren 1938, first to Paris and later starting from 1940 into the USA. Its son Henry green forest (1922-2005) was a 1987-90 US Ambassador in Vienna.


  • Rose of Stambul
  • the last tome
  • the bayadere
  • sovereignty dances to tome
  • Viktoria and its Hussar
  • flower of Hawaii
  • countess Mariza
  • the circus princess
  • the duchess of Chikago
  • the merry women of Vienna
  • ball in the Savoy
  • Venus in silk


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