Alfred Mueller Armack

Alfred Mueller Armack (* 28. June 1901 in meals; † 16. March 1978 in Cologne) was a German political economist, culture sociologist and a CDU - politicians.

Born as Alfreds August Arnold Mueller, he added in the 20'sYears its name the birth name of its nut/mother in addition. It published Mueller Armack” starting from 1929 under the name “.

Mueller Armack was both of the free citizens school around walter Eucken, and of the catholic social teachings affects.

He was a professor at that Westfäli William university Münster and at the university to Cologne. Besides he works from 1952 on in the Ministry of Economic Affairs under Ludwig Erhard as a director/conductor of the principle department. From 1958 to 1963 he was undersecretary of state for European affairs in the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

It sketched1947 the idea and the term of the social free-market economy (it used always the way of writing of “socially " into social free-market economy with large “S”) in its book “economic control and free-market economy” as a liberal free-market economy embedded into social connections.

1971 publish it itsMemories under the title “on the way to Europe”.

After it the Mueller Armack price is designated, which is assigned at the economiceconomics faculty of the Westfäli William university Münster since 2002 to the best graduates of the course of studies political economy.

The largest lecture-room in the why buildingMueller Armack lecture-room carries the names for the university to Cologne - the lecture-room I -.


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