Alfred Otto Swede

the “mansion to the white Hisch”, the house Schwedes, on a Schutzumschlag

Alfred Otto Swede was a German writer. It became to 16. April 1915 in Haynsburg with Zeitz born and died 1987 in high new village. It studied theology and Nordistik in Leipzig. During the Second World War he worked as an interpreter. Subsequently, he was a minister in Haynsburg, Uthleben and Brandenburg Görden, before he established himself 1961 as free lance writers and translators in its second homeland high new village. Its rich literary work particularly points itself to historical novels, narrations and Kurzgeschichten, which it often settled in Scandinavia.

works (selection)

  • the Weihnachtspyramide, 1980
  • around work and grace, 1976
  • this puzzling life
  • Lappländi diary
  • Traianu and the Bärin - Romanian narrations,
  • believed of the world
  • Carl von Linné. The flower king of the north
  • a man without fear
  • loving strange nut/mother - Karen Jeppes life way
  • the brother of the chosen one
  • the Padres of San blow and other narrations
  • I was the Sternenjunkers fool, 1983
  • a monk went home. The courageous life of the A. B., 1967
  • you came from the Torne valley
  • of full Freud without time. - Stories around the Weihnacht
  • Abdi of the camel drivers
  • the holy ones of Messembria and other narrations
  • Nathan Söderblom. - A life picture
  • adventure of hope. - Two historical stories from Greenland
  • one of the rabbi sons. - The history of a follow-up
  • Gustav II, Adolf of Sweden - a life picture, 1979
  • for work redeemed - the way of the painter hearing mountain
  • rune stone and cross flag. Danish Impressionen, 1977
  • the Kierkegaards - Romanbiografie
  • of children of a father
  • the Abraham Lincoln story
  • from the forests from Savonmaa
  • to up to the snow chicken mountain
  • Glory, glory, hallelujah


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