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Alfred Sisley (Portrait of Renoir - 1847)

Alfred Sisley (* 30. October 1839 in Paris; † 29. January 1899 in Moret sur Loing) was a painter of the Impressionismus.

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Sisley came into France as a son of English buyers to the world. Its father made a fortune in the trade with South America. After the school Alfred was sent 1857 to London, in order to learn the occupation of buyer there. It wanted to become however dear artist,for this purpose 1862 returned to Paris and occurred the studio of the painter Charles Gleyre , where he learned to know Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. Its whole life long it remained friendly with both.

In June 1866 he married Marie Lescouezec. From thatBefore two children came out. A very intimate representation of the married couple Sisley painted Renoir around 1868. She can be regarded in the Wallraf Richartz museum in Cologne.

Sisleys first artistic models were the English landscape painters early 19. Century, like William Turner, John Constable and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations ParkesBonington, whose pictures he became acquainted with in London, and later the French painters Jean Baptiste chamomile Corot and Gustave Courbet. In Paris salon of 1867 it issued its own painting for the first time, turned however approximately starting from 1870 increasingly the Impressionisten and their mark style.

In The family Sisley their fortune, which had served Alfreds up to then also for the support, lost French-German war of 1870/1871. Sisley remained from then on up to its death without means, even if he could sell some pictures, among other things at Edouard Manet and at the singer Jean Baptiste Faure. This circumstance and the support by the art dealer Durand Ruel and the critic Duret it owes to Sisley that it could keep itself financial its family and over water and buy at least mark implements and colors.

1874 he took part on with five landscape picturesthe first Impressionisten exhibition. 1879, of financial emergency floated, tried it it again with the salon, which ended with a failure: Its submitted picture was rejected by the jury. 1882 he took part for the last time, with 27 paintings, in a group exhibition of the Impressionisten.

Sisley applied- contrary to other Impressionisten - as shy, Vincent van Gogh called the shyest and gentlest the Impressionisten it in a letter to its brother. He never attained the artistic attention, which he earned during lifetimes.

Since 1895 he suffered, as later determinedbecame, at laryngeal cancer, at which it finally died. Both Renoir and Monet came to its funeral.Camille Pissarro wrote briefly before its death over it: He is a large and wonderful artist. In my opinion it equals the most important masters. (Bruce Berne pool of broadcasting corporations, thoselarge Impressionisten, S. 94)

Sisleys mark style

Alfred Sisley: Autumn: the banks of the Seine close Bougival, 1873

famous are above all Sisleys descriptions of the Seine and its bridges in the Paris suburbs at that time. Contrary to Renoir and Monet, those often thoseresemble if motives painted as Sisley, landscapes and places are represented with it in moments of the peace. “The landscape seems whether to its own beauty completely in drink to have purged, only the sky and the water is in motion” (Bruce Berne pool of broadcasting corporations, the large Impressionisten,S. 91). Its pictures are… “remarkably because of the wonderful colours of green, pink one, violet, pigeon-blue and cream” (ebenda). In the course of the years strengthened Kraft, Ausdruck and Farbintensität with Sisleys pictures. Up to its death Sisley the impressionistischen style remained in its own to it,strong mark way faithfully.

works (in selection)

picture gallery Sisley
  • village route in Marlotte, 1866, Albright Knox kind Gallery, Buffalo NY
  • avenue with Kastanienbäumen, 1867, Southampton kind Gallery
  • Montmartre, seen of the Cité of the Fleurs in Batignolles, 1869, Musée Beaux kind, Grenoble
  • firstSnow in Louveciennes, 1870, museum OF Fine kind, bad clay/tone mA
  • bridge with Villeneuve la Garenne, 1872, metropolitan museum OF kind, New York
  • boulevard Héloise, Argenteuil, 1872, national Gallery OF kind, Washington D.C.
  • The autumn, bank of the Seine with Bougival, 1873, Musée Beaux kinds, Montréal
  • landscape with Louveciennes, 1873, national museum for western art, Tokyo
  • snow in Louveciennes, 1874, Phillips Collection, Washington DC
  • weir with Molesey, 1874, national Galeries OF Scotland, Edinburgh
  • slope with Saint Germain: Spring, 1875, walter kind Gallery, Baltimore
  • meadow, 1875, nationalGallery OF kind, Washington D.C.
  • Its with Bougival, 1876, metropolitan museum OF kind, New York
  • road from Versailles to Louveciennes, 1879, metropolitan museum OF kind, New York
  • of the Chemin de By by the forest of Roches Courtaut - late late summer, around 1880, MuséeBeaux kind, Montréal
  • Rue Eugène Moussoir in Moret: Winter, 1891, metropolitan museum OF kind, New York
  • channel of the Loing with Moret, 1892, Musée d'Orsay, of Paris
  • inundation in haven Maly, 1876, Musee Beaux kind, Rouen
  • the church in Moret, 1894, Musée you PetitPalace, of Paris


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