Alfred pasture man

Alfred pasture man (* 10. May 1916 in Stuttgart; † 9. June 2000 in Zurich, Switzerland) was a German author of youth books and director.

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Alfreds pasture man was born as a son of a manufacturer. After the attendance of the material High School it studied painting and diagram at the academy of arts. Between them it was drawn in to the realm work service and two years military service.

Into the 1930-er years became acquainted with he harsh ore Reinecker , which was active in the realm youth guidance as editors of Hitler Youth magazines and a close friend became from it. 1936 appeared pasture man first book “young course 2 “, a HJ-narration. A further experience book concerning the work service and the military service followed. From 1938 to 1940 he, as a new generation writer promoted, took over the publication of the 13-bändigen book series of books of the boys. it had to engage 1940 to the France campaign and to Russia, thereafter was however released.

1942 he took over as leader and a director the HJ-Filmschauyoung Europe “and became at the same time director/conductor of the head department „film “in the realm youth guidance. After an idea of harsh ore Reinecker developed 1944 under its direction the youth feature “boy eagle “. While pasture man gives still 1945 the feature “to eternal loving “turned, the Russians march into Berlin , and it came into shank.

After the dismissal from the shank turned pasture man 1953 for German Shell Kulturfilme. It received for it even the Federal film award, two further (for “Canaris “and” alibi “) followed. Also youth books were written by him again, of large popularity enjoyed. They appeared in loose consequence and in different years.

After the Kulturfilm he dedicated himself again - editors and weapon SS - ler harsh ore Reinecker to the feature, again in connection with the former HJ-leader. Usually crime films developed and films of unterhaltsamer kind, in which prominent German actors and actresses arose.

Into the 1970er years became from the cinema director a much-busy television director („the commissioner “, „Derrick “, „the old person “, „special department c1 “, Fernsehspecials with Lilli Palmer and Martin hero). 1984 it shifted its domicile into Switzerland.

Alfred pasture man died in Zurich during the preparations to a television film at the age of 84 years.


  • 1936 1. Price with the competition of the federation of German Amateurfilmer
  • 1942 „best youth feature of the mainland “with the film competition of of the European youth in Florenz for hands highly
  • 1954 Federal film award for way into the liberty (best Kulturfilm of the yearly)
  • 1955 Federal film award for Canaris
  • Prix Femina (Paris) for Canaris
  • price of of the Spanish critic federation for Canaris
  • 1956 Federal film award for alibi (film volume in silver)


of youth books (in selection)

  • young course 2. Stuttgart: Lion. 1936.
  • Troop Plassen. Stuttgart: Lion. 1937. (= boy in the service; 2)
  • Kanonier Brakke No. 2 Stuttgart: Loewes. 1938. (= boy in the service; 3)
  • Jakko. Stuttgart: Lion. 1939. (1941 of Fritz Peter Buch filmed)
  • young Europe. Stuttgart: Loewes. 1940.
  • Young Greece (1940)
  • young Italy. Stuttgart: Loewes. 1940.
  • Young Portugal (1940)
  • young Spain (1940)
  • Winnetou junior flies Kaulquappe and the Falschmünzer (
  • 1953) to Berlin (1952)
  • baggage check 666. Stuttgart: Loewes. 1953. (1961 of Theo Mezger filmed)
  • the fifty of the evening paper (1960)
  • head (1961) stands for Pollau completely
  • the blind passenger. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1968.
  • The glorious ones 7 and the puzzling art robbery (1972)
  • the yellow glove. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1974. ISBN 3-7855-1679-7
  • the glorious ones 7 and the boy from the sea. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1976. ISBN 3-7855-1712-2
  • the glorious ones 7 and the secret of the green mask. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1976. ISBN 3-7855-1741-6
  • the glorious ones 7 and the son of the chieftain. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1979. ISBN 3-7855-1808-0
  • the glorious ones 7 and the double key. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1981. ISBN 3-7855-1858-7
  • the glorious ones 7 and the uncanny house, extra charge. Bind-laugh: Lion. 1986. ISBN 3-7855-2048-4
  • thickness of fish - small Gauner. The large Alfred pasture man book. Bayreuth: Loewes. 1982. ISBN 3-7855-1906-0
  • the trace leads after Tahiti. Bind-laugh: Lion. 1995. ISBN 3-7855-2739-X

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