Alfred van Nüss

Alfred van Nüss (* 5. May 1898 in peppering castle; † 12. April 1946 in French war shank), was a German chess master.

Van Nüss one attained a doctorate 1922 at the University of peppering castle with a writing over „the percentages of profits of the executive committee and the supervision advice of the corporation “. 1923 it established itself as a buyer in Duesseldorf .

1923 it joined the Düsseldorfer chess association of 1854 . 1926 it already won the Rhine championship in Kaiserslautern. it reached 1928 a 1:1 against max of Euwe in „the Holland fight “ Niederrheini against the Netherlands chess federation.

Its largest success celebrated he 1928 with the international tournament in Dortmund. Here it defeated the world championship candidate at that time Efim Bogoljubow and divided at the end with Rudolf play man the 6. /7. Place among nine participants.

Van Nüss withdrew itself then from the practical play more and more and worked as a chess teacher and - writers in Duesseldorf („48 chess problems “, Berlin 1930; „New chess text book “, Berlin 1933).

After “chessmetrics” it achieved its best historical ELO number of 2534 in August 1928.

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