Alfred von Beckerath

Alfred von Beckerath (* 4. October 1901 in Hagenau; † 7. January 1978 in Munich) was a German composer and conductor.

In the years 1920 to 1925 it studied music sciences and composition in Frankfurt/Main, Freiburg in mash gau as well as in Munich at the there academy for clay/tone art. Among its teachers max of active and Joseph Haas ranked.

After conclusion of its study it worked as a conductor in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. After end II. World war led it the “theatre of the youth” in Munich. Center of the 50's 20. Century took over he the line of the Ingolstädter of city theatre.

Alfred von Beckerath was a very productive composer. Its kompositorisches work covers mainly symphonies, concerts, Kantaten, choir works as well as Sonaten and operas. They are coined/shaped by classical composition models.

In the year 1951 its earnings/services with the music promotion price were appreciated of the city Munich.

works (selection)

  • to operas
    • ” Mrs. Holle”
    • ” Till Ulenspiegel”
  • Kantate “Heinzelmännchen”
  • ” rural march”
  • ” piece of night”
  • of” miniatures for””
  • Concerto rondino””
  • Sonate for flute and piano” “
  • music for 2 blowing orchestras” see

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