Ali Soilih

Ali Soilih (* 7. January 1937 in Majunga, Madagascar; † 29. May 1978) was from 1975 to 1978 a head of state of the Comoros.

early years

it buildup on Madagascar and there and in France one trained. During the early 1960er it went on the Comoros and worked there for agricultural projects. It went to this time into the policy and became a trailer of the Maoism.

head of state

Weniger than one month after the Comoros of France, undertook Soilih at the 3 became independent. August 1975 a Putsch against the president Ahmed Abdallah. It and its hardly armed trailers thereby by mercenaries under guidance by Bob Denard were unterstüzt, which had hired Solihi. After the successful Putsch he became a chairman of a revolution committee, which took over the rule over the Comoros.

He became official in January 1976 a president of the revolution committee. It introduced a socialist economic planning, which led to the fact that France stopped its assistance. To transform further tried it the komoranische culture into a utopian society. It strengthened the position of young humans, made the study more difficult of history and legalisierte Cannabis. Effects of this politics are to be felt this very day, particularly on Anjouan.

To 13. May 1978 was set off Soilih by a Putsch from Denard, which was paid by Abdallah. Subsequently, Abdallah president and Soilih was killed later short time by trailers Abdallahs. Soilihs older half brother Said Mohamed Djohar, fell 1989 perhaps even with the assistance Denards Abdallah and served until 1996 than president of the Comoros.


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