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Alice of black ones (* 3. December 1942 in Wuppertal) is one of the most well-known representatives of the new German women's movement. It is Begründerin and Herausgeberin of the woman Mrs. EMMA.

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Alice of black ones buildup with its grandparents . 1966 began it to work as a lady journalist.

1970 - 1974 lived andshe worked as a free correspondent for different media in Paris and studied at the same time psychology and sociology among other things with Michel Foucault. It belonged to Paris women's movement (Mouvement de Libération of the femmes, MLF) to the Initiatorinnen that and carried of themIdeas also to Germany.

1971 excited it for the first time with their action women against § the 218 attention; in the autumn of the same yearly their first book with the same title followed. Their most well-known book the small difference and its large consequences appeared 1975and it announced beyond Germany. It was translated into 11 languages. Since then it is considered as the most well-known and also most disputed personality of the new German women's movement. It represents „the equality toolism in such a way specified “, that among other things also from Simonede Beauvoir was represented.

In January 1977 the first expenditure appeared of their created magazine EMMA. 1978 complained Alice of black ones against the magazine star because of woman representations sexistischer from their view; the so-called. Sexismus complaint was however rejected. Only off 1993 write it again increase books, under it to Biografien over Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian or the life of Marion DO-hope. It became also by its frequent appearances in Talkshows in the meantime an institution in Germany.

Until today publishedit altogether 21 books as authoress and 16 as Herausgeberin.

Alice of black ones comes of to a atheistischen family. From own drive she could be baptized with twelve years Evangelist and also konfirmieren later. Today it does not call itself as „strictly speakinggläubig “.



  • 2006Honour gift of the Düsseldorfer Heinrich Heine society, for their “employment”


criticism from the toolism

from toolistic side becomes often the reproach loud, black ones and EMMA monopolized the toolistic discourse in the German-speaking countries for theirown points of view.

Likewise the acceptance of the Order of Merit released by it partial lack of understanding, since and autonomous radical in particular in such a way designated tool NIST inside therein a siding to from them “man company” and their rituals saw, what them as betrayal of toolistic ideals andApplied for goals. This was reflected in a whole set of reader letters in the EMMA and also subscription notices again.

Some Lesbenaktivistinnen criticize that black lesbians and gays to Coming out encourage, actually even however different yardsticks put on. Black has itselfuntil today not expressed over their sexual identity publicly. It disapproves each form of Outing, like for example the 1991 by pink ones of Praunheim. As it in Bascha Mikas of critical Biografie (see below. with literature) as lesbian one described,reacted it annoyed and rejected a comment with the reference to its private and privacy.

medium criticism

of parts of the media and opponents of the toolism was considered black ones as „Vorzeigefeministin “frequently with extreme Häme and mockery.Some journalists like e.g.Henryk M. Broder throw it „link Antisemitismus “forwards. On the other hand black one won the 1990er for years by numerous appearances in the maintenance media in the broad public at sympathy.


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