Alice in the miracle country

Alice in the miracle country (English: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) is better well-known under its artistic alias Lewis Carroll a Kinderbuch of the British mathematician and writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson .

Illustration of John Tenniel (1865)

the fiktionale world, in which Alice is settled in the miracle country,it plays in so inimitable way with logic that the narration under mathematicians and Vorschulkindern enjoys of equally large popularity. It contains numerous sow-Irish allusions, not only on personal friends Carrolls, but also on the school lessons, which know children in the England of that time by hearthad. Usually history and its continuation become Alice behind the mirrors (English: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There) as a unit outstandingly.

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the title heroine Alice becomes attentive during a boring picknick with its sister to a white rabbit, which it finally follows in its rabbit cave. It lands those in a dream-like underworld, before paradoxes and absurdities onlythus strotzt. With the attempt to follow the rabbit you happen numerous misfortunes. Thus it meets a group of tiny animals, which stranded in a sea of Alices tears, in the building of rabbits imprisoned, meets a baby, that suddenly transformed into a pig anda cat, which disappears, until only its Grinsen is visible. Apart from an infinite dte party also still another Croquet comes - play with humanized Spielkarten forwards, before history ends with the fact that the heart Bube is placed because of theft before court and Alice under a treewakes up to its sister Celia.

work history

Alice Pleasance Liddell, model for the fictitious Alice

the book became first to 4. July 1865 publishes. It is inspired by a boat travel on the Themse exactly three years before, on the Carroll the three sisters LorinaCharlotte, Alice Pleasance (see picture) and Edith Liddell a history told, which he wrote down only under the name Alice's Adventures Under Ground and then after extensions as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll was first irresolute itself whether he should publish its work. It gave itin this situation its friend George MacDonald, which read out it to its children. Its son Greville was so enthusiastically that he wished, it would give 60,000 volumes of it. This enthusiasm was sufficient, in order to convince Carroll themselves.

Have only twenty-two copies of the first edition of 1865until today received, from it five in Privathand and seventeen are in public libraries. In the year 1998 a first edition for 1.500.000 US Dollar was auctioneered and became thereby the most expensive Kinderbuch of all times.

In the book The Annotated Alice (version extended: All About Alice) the American writer Martin Gardner are more near described the numerous allusions of the work.


history was so far 25 times filmed 25, here the most well-known:

  • 1903 - Alice in Wonderland (1903) as motion picture film of Cecil Hepworth
  • 1915 - Alice in Wonderland (NonPareil) as motion picture film of W. W. Young
  • 1931 - Alice in Wonderland 1931 as motion picture film of Bud polling pool of broadcasting corporations, the first Alice film a silent movie was not
  • 1933 - Alice in wonderland
  • 1948 - Alice in Wonderland 1948 as motion picture film of Dallas Bower
  • 1951 - Alicein the miracle country (Alice in wonderland) as Disney - Trickfilm
  • 1955 - Alice in Wonderland 1955 as television film of Maurice Evans
  • 1965 - Alice in Wonderland 1965 as television film of Dennis Potter
  • 1966 - WHAT'S A NIKE KID LIKE YOU, DOIN' IN A PLACE LIKE THIS?asTrickfilm of Alex Lovy
  • 1966 - Alice in Wonderland 1966 as television film of Jonathan Miller
  • 1966 - ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS as television musical of Alan Handley
  • 1972 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as Muscial of Willian Stirling
  • 1982/83 - Alice in Wonderland 1982/83 asMusical of Kirk Browning
  • 1982 - Alice in Wonderland 1982 as play of John Driver
  • 19?? - Alice in Wonderland in Paris, as Trickfilm
  • 1985 - Alice in wonderland
  • 1988 - Neco z Alenky as Fernsehfiln of January Svankmajer
  • 1999 - ALICE IN WONDERLAND1999 as television film of John Henderson
  • 1999 - Alice in the miracle country (1999) as television film of nod Willing
  • 2000 - ALICE UNDERGROUND as television film of Robert E. Lee
  • 2004 - Alice's Misadventures in Wonderland as television film of Robert Rugan
  • 2006 - Alice prospective appearance 2007/main role: Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice

of influences

the novel has since its appearance in the year 1865 beside Carrolls of own continuation „by the mirror and which found Alice there “(1871) numerous continuations and Parodien pulled or authors with the choicetheir title affects, whereby the Adaptionen, from medium choice to conversion, went often very own ways.

Even into the medicine the name of the novel was received: The Alice in Wunderland syndrome designates an illness, with which or its environment becomes smaller or increases patients in changed way, often,notice.

In the following some the influences by Carrolls narration in selection are introduced; a list in more detail is in the article of Alice works.


Douglas of Adam plays series (the restaurant at the end of the universe) in the second novel of its hitchhikers - on oneScene in “Alice behind the mirrors” on. There Alice maintains it opposite the white queen, is impossible to go through the time backwards. The white queen answers that impossible is to believe only one question of the exercise. It has in recent years partly up tosix impossible things already before the breakfast believed. In the “restaurant” - novel six things are enumerated, why the restaurant at the end of the universe is impossible. Then the advertising slogan of Milliways follows: 'If you did this morning already six impossible things, why then not as seventhto the breakfast in the Milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe? '

Also James Joyce refers in its work Finn goose Wake to Alice in the miracle country.

A further allusion is in the novel “dead” from Stephen King, to the third volume of the “tower Zyklusses”. There that becomesYoung Jake, a companion of the main figure Roland, in which loaded dying city from a crazy person kidnapped. This pulls it by labyrinth courses from garbage and debris into the underworld of the city. Finally Jake before the boss of the Unterweltlichen, the so-called tick Tock man lands, a Faible forClocks preserves. Similarly as the Jabberwocky this tick Tock man is high dangerous and speaks in strange words to Jake. For it its surviving depends on the fact that it guess, which these words are to mean, and/or. which he is to say, so that it looks in such a way, as if it understoodwould have. Jake has no assistant contrary to Alice here. The final outbreak from this city and the return to the liberty succeed then finally also only in a kind process, to a mystery play between an intelligent computer and Roland crowd, which the latters decide for itselfcan.

The matrix are film several allusions on the adventures of Alice in the Science Fiction film. Also in Weekend of Jean Luc Godard emerge figures from Carrolls book.


the American skirt volume Jefferson airplane had 1968 a hit alsothe song White Rabbit (album Surrealistic Pillow), which the history of Alice before a hypnotischen Bolero - rhythm interprets “psychedelisch”.

Gwen Stefani, singer of the group of NO Doubt, plays in its video What You Waiting For?on Alice in the miracle country on, among other thingswith TIC TAC, a giant Gwen in a house, Gwen as a queen also before it dancing flamingo, etc.

Samsas dream, on the LP “Tineoidea - or the consequences of one night - a Gothic opera in blood Moll” becomes in the piece “a Foetus like you.Komm' allusively to my funeral, baby " to Alice and to the Pädophilie controversy over Lewis Carroll.


Sigmar Polke, one of the most important German artists of the postmodernism, published 1971 a picture with the title Alice in the miracle country (mixing technology on DEK east off), in whichit one of the original illustrations processed.


in the Japanese counterpart to the Comic published the draftswoman Kaori Yuki the Manga fishing rod Sanctuary, in which the Erzdämon Belial /Mad Hatter arises, which is ajar against the moved Hutmacher. In a further God Child playsthe name of the Protagonisten Cain C. Hargreaves on the later name Alice Liddels on. In addition numerous stories, for example into Jack the Ripper, come where a girl named Alice together with Cain against white hare murder-ends itself resist must. The draftswoman placed asTermination work at the academy of art a Alice in the miracle country - calendars ago.

The Japanese draughtsman team 'CLAMP 'published a Artbook ajar against “Alice in the miracle country” named “Miyuki chan in Wonderland”.

the player takes over computer games in the play American McGee's Alice the role of Alice,by its miracle country to fight itself must, which changed after the death of its parents into a horror vision of the original miracle country. Also in the PC/HP play „Kingdom Hearts “of Squaresoft must prove itself the player on the miracle land planet. Besides also the text /Graphikadventure „Wonderland takes “from Magnetic Scrollsfrom the year 1990 the book as collecting main.


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