All Jones

all Jones (* 1. September 1937 in Southampton) is a British artist of the Pop kind.

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all Jones studied college OF kind from 1955 to 1960 at the Hornsey and at the Royal college OF kind in London, where it study colleague of R. B. Kitaj and David Hockney were. Starting from 1964 it lived for two years in New York. In the consequence he transferred numerous training orders at academies of art. All Jones lives today in London.


all Jones applies by its provokanten work as one of the most coining/shaping artists of the British Pop kind. He works both in the painting, and and creators of sculptures. Its works have often a strongly erotischen purchase. It brings up for discussion sexual preferences such as BDSM and Fetischismus and stresses, persifliert or verfremdet it at the same time. Jones quotes phallische symbols in its work gladly (e.g. Ties as indications of male power) and against-dots this with symbols of female erotism (Sujets of woman legs in hochhackigen shoes) and polarizes the viewer by his plastics and sculptures. Admits becomes Jones end of the 60's particularly by its up-attractive, life-large and realistically working woman wives from steel and fiber glass, which would function like masochistische shop window dolls to pieces of furniture reduced as tables, chairs or Kleiderständer and were robbed thus delivered and without any personality of their. The dolls expose the goods character of the woman in their devoten sadness as pure Sexobjekt and work both attractively and repulsively at the same time.

All Jones became besides by the organization Flakon - series for the perfume row “Les beaux kind” in the form of High Heels admits.


  • Andrew Lambirth: All Jones (2005), Royal Academy OF kind; ISBN 190397321X (English)

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