All Welsh Dulles

all W. Dulles

all Welsh Dulles (* 7. April 1893 in Watertown, New York; † 29. January 1969 in Washington, D.C.) influential director of the cent ral was Intelligence Agency and a member of the Warren commission from 1953 to 1961. In addition Dulles was the younger brother of John Foster Dulles, the minister of foreign affairs at that time of the USA.

Allan Welsh Dulles and his brother John Foster represented US-American in the context of their activity as lawyers with the Wirtschaftskanzlei Sullivan & Cromwell just like German and European enterprises. For this the Chase bank, Ford , CCIT , SKF, counted industrial union colors, Belgian central bank. They did not however only represent enterprises legally, but also as covered substitute symbols for shares and as political lobbyists. As a CIA director and/or. US Secretaries of State did not break it off their previous activities by any means. (Source: Werner Rügemer: The advisors, Bielefeld 2004)

Dulles OF Strategic services in Swiss Berne was active during the Second World War in the Office. He worked at the clearing-up over German plans and activities. Dulles's career Fritz Kolbe started as a mediator of information of the German diplomat and resistance fighter. Kolbe had supplied secret documents over active German feeler gauges and plans over the fighter Messerschmitt ME 262.

US president Harry S. Truman used Dulles after the Second World War as first director of the cent ral Intelligence Agency ( CIA), formed again out of the previous OSS and further secret services. Under Dulles' guidance had the CIA first successes in secret „switching of” foreign heads of state off. it gave also the instruction for the CIA program MK ULTRA to 1953. In particular the selected prime minister Iran of the Mohammad Mossadegh 1953 and president of Guatemala Jacobo Arbenz were fallen 1954. These secret operations constituted an important component of the new policy Eisenhowers during the cold war , which admits as new Look was. Dulles endorsed the operation Mockingbird, a program, which should affect US-American medium enterprises.

End of the 40's became the same all Dulles's additionally still president of the Council on Foreign relation (CFR), which most powerful consulting company for future US-American foreign policy, over which officially only very little admits is and on since beginning in the public is reported only extremely rarely.

In March 1953 the US senator Joseph McCarthy started a set from investigations to the potential communist infiltration of the CIA. Although none of the investigations had success, endangered the hearings not only the call of the CIA separate allegedly also the security of sensitive information. On requests of Dulles US president demanded Eisenhower that McCarthy stops the investigations.

During the reign John F. Kennedys became Dulles's a goal of ever larger criticism. The unsuccessful invasion in the pig bay undermined the reliability of the CIA, and the per-American regimes in Iran and in Guatemala were regarded as brutal and corrupt. Finally Kennedy Dulles dismissed, after these in the operation Northwood - documents had demanded that the CIA was to kill American citizens and to make the Kubaner responsible for it, in order to win support for the war against Cuba. After the murder John F. Kennedys was Dulles's a disputed member of the Warren commission with the unsuccessful public clearing-up of the murder Kennedys.

The author of the president dynasty of the family Bush, Prescott Bush, tended to feed with the brothers all and John Foster Dulles daily.

1969 died Dulles with 75 years at the flu, which was complicated by a pneumonia.

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