the term allied originates from latin and means allied, which closed an alliance. That does not have to be formal contract, a coordinated fight against a common opponent is sufficient.

Strictly speaking become under allied one in The Second World War against the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) great powers allied understood. Also the states allied in the First World War against the Central Powers partly than allied designated, the more correct expression for this is Entente.

the First World War

see major items:Entente

the Second World War

original allied ones:


further allied

of the Axis powers occupied countries, which, particularly in the guerilla warfare, offered also further embittered resistance from the underground:

In Germany the allied ones became usually winner powers of the Second World War with the term (the USA, Soviet Union andGreat Britain) in Europe designates; later also France was added. These agreed upon the common administration of the defeated war opponent. (Former) the large German realm was divided in zones of occupation and had the German east areas transfer (time board). Also the proceeding for the administration of Austriaone specified. The capitals Berlin and Vienna were divided into in each case four sectors and administered together (four-sector city). The westallied were the USA and Great Britain, later also France and faced the allied power Soviet Union.

The allied control council in postwar Germanyand the allied commission for Austria were authority of four crew powers, which was created in the year 1945. Its task was the practice of the Regierungsgewalt, it fallow however already 1948 again apart.

The allied high commission, shortened AHK, was of 1949 to 1955 highest control organ of the three Western powers for the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin with three high commissioners, whose seat lay on the Peter mountain with Bonn.

the second Gulf War

also against the Iraq allied the states in The second Gulf War and/or. generally the members of NATO are called allied one.


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