Alois Jirásek

Alois Jirásek (* 23. August 1851 in Hronov; † 12. March 1930 in Prague) was a Czech writer and historian. It visited the German Piaristengymnasium in Braunau (Broumov) and the Czech High School in Königgrätz (Hradec Králové). Subsequently, it studied history at the Prager university and was 14 years history teachers at the High School in Leitomischl (Litomyšl). When it returned in the year 1888 to Prague and into the Žitná ulice began a place at the High School, he was already an outstanding writer. As one of the first Czech writers he signed the communist manifesto for the establishment of an independent Czech state in the year 1917.

In its works it concentrated mainly on historical novels and contributed themselves in such a way to the education of the Czech historical conciousness. They treat predominantly topics from Czech history, mainly 15. (Faith wars, Hussiten) and 19. Century (national Wiedergeburt).

The popular novel is dedicated to its homeland Hronov and environment „U nás “. The four volumes of this novel (Úhor, Novina, Osetek, Zeměžluč), play in the years 1823 to 1852.

In its former birth house is now a museum.


  • 1875: Skaláci
  • 1877: Well dvoře vévodském
  • 1884: The dog heads (Psohlavci)
  • 1887 - 1890: Between the rivers (Mezi proudy)
  • 1890 - 1906: F. L. Věk (F. L. Věk)
  • 1893: Against all world (Proti všem)
  • 1894: Staré pověsti české (old person böhmische legends)
  • 1895 - 1903: U nás (with us)
  • 1899 - 1908: The brother shank (Bratrstvo)
  • 1915: Temno (darkness)


  • Alois Jirásek: Z mých pamětí
  • Jaroslava Janačková: Živé prameny - Vznik Jiráskovy nové kroniky U NÁS


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