Alois Kothgasser

Erzbischof Alois Kothgasser
archbishop Alois Kothgasser

Alois Kothgasser SDB (* 29. May 1937 in Lichtenegg in the rose valley, district field brook, Steiermark) is archbishop of Salzburg.


life the Matura at the structure High School of the Salesianer Don Boscos into Unterwaltersdorf (Lower Austria) steppedit 1955 in the medals of the Salesianer Don Boscos. After a three-year activity as educators in Unterwaltersdorf and in complaint ford he began the theology study at the papal university in Turin - Corcetta.

To 9. February 1964 was geweiht Kothgasser in Turin to the priest. It closeda doctorate study in Rome on and 1968 at the papal University of Gregoriana “dogma development and the function of the spirit Parakleten according to the statements of the second Vatikani council” to the doctor of theology attains a doctorate. It worked as a guest professor for dogma TIC in Benediktbeuern (Diözese Augsburg) and onthe Salesianerhochschule in Betlehem. To 10. October 1997 it was geweiht for the Diözese Innsbruck as a successor of Reinhold Stecher to the third bishop of Innsbruck. To 23. November 2002 was selected Alois Kothgasser as a successor of George Eder to the new archbishop of Salzburg.

ThatTopic protection of the life dedicates to its Fastenhirtenbrief archbishop Kothgasser 2005. It calls to oppose those laws the abortion or euthanasia legitimizes. The church has itself since beginning to the obedience in relation to the national authorities well-known, at the same time however requires it that oneGod more to obey must than humans.

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