Alois Podhajsky

Alois Podhajsky (* 14. February 1898 Mostar; † 23. May 1973 Vienna) was rider and officer in the Austrian army and directors/conductors of the Spanish yard riding school.

Podhajsky at the age received its first riding instruction from twelve years. Later he was an officer in an infantry regiment. After initial participation in jumping tournaments and first Dressurerfolgen he was shifted to the Kavallerie. It received its advanced training at the military riding and Fahrlehrerinstitut lock yard. While a two-year detached duty (1933-34) to the Spanish yard riding school it became there by Zrust, Polak and lime tree farmer informed. With the olympic summer games 1936 in Berlin it reached bronze medal in the Dressurreiten with the Hengst Nero.

To the 1. March 1939 was ordered Podhajsky to the commander „of the Spanish riding school “, which it led until 1964 and of their further fate and surviving it had relevant portion. It reached a back designation into Spanish yard riding school, introduced a summer stay at the Hermesvilla to the Lainzer zoo for the Lipizzaner , increased the number of the horses of 30 to 70, procured material and Lüster for the riding school, which are still in use, and introduced the gallopp change à speed at the Spanish yard riding school. In February and March 1945 he evacuated the Lipizzaner from Vienna and could American crew power later convince to later fetch the horses back from Tschechien, before they fell into Soviet hands, first to upper Austria and into the federal stud Piber. A return of the riding school to the traditional buildings to Vienna was however only 1955 possible.

Since 1949 Podhajsky organized foreign tours of the Spanish yard riding school, which increased its admitting heating degree. 1958 it doubelte for the film “the miracle of the white Hengste” Robert Taylor, which played Alois Podhajsky.

Also after its retirement Podhajsky further still worked as riding teacher and an author of numerous books about riding.

works (selection)

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  • the riding teacher
  • the large book of the Spanish yard riding school, Nymphenburger publishing house action, Munich 1978, ISBN 3-485-01770-1

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