Alois of Liechtenstein

of these articles is occupied with the today's regent in Liechtenstein. For to the 1920 deceased of the same name Austrian politician see Aloys of Liechtenstein.

Hereditary prince Alois Philipp Maria of and to Liechtenstein (* 11. June 1968 in Zurich) is the oldest son of prince Hans Adam II. of Liechtenstein and the princess Marie.

It buildup in the lock Vaduz . It visited like its father the primary school of Vaduz and locked the High School with the Matura . It completed afterwards officer training in Great Britain. After further foreign stays in Hong Kong and London he studied jurisprudence at the University of Salzburg.

Since 1996 it lived again in Vaduz and was active for the fürstliche fortune. As a becoming prince he was prepared also for his future office as a head of state.

At the 3. July 1993 he married Sophie princess von Bayern, Nichte of the present wittelsbachischen family head Franz of Bavaria. They have four children:

to 15. August 2004 he took over the representation of the prince and affairs of state. It receives the prince title however only after dying its father.

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