Alpay Özalan

Alpay Özalan (* 29. May 1973 in Izmir) is a Turkish football player.

Alpay, 86-facher of Turkish national players, was selected with the soccer world championship 2002 into the eleven of the tournament, whereupon he called a high salary increase in after his return to its association Aston mansion, with which he did not make himself with the mansion fans friends. Therefore it played rarely in the season 2002/2003 under Graham Taylor. Also at the beginning of the season 2003/2004 he was used rarely due to the furious reactions of the fans.

At the 11. October 2003 came it with the qualification play to the football European championship 2004 against England to a physical argument with England star David Beckham. This led to a further break with the English fans and media, whereupon he to 23. October 2003 of Aston mansion to dismiss became. it changed 2004 into the Korean K-League to Incheons United.

However it played here only six months, before it further-pulled it into the J-League to the Urawa talks dia. moon, where its contract was dissolved however due to disziplinärer problems after again six months.

At the 1. August 2005 signed Alpay an a annual contract with federal league - the association 1. Fiber plastic Cologne. Because of repeated derailing and violent attacks (footsteps and impacts) on opponents, like z. B. an elbow check against that Hamburg Guy Demel or kicks against players of Swiss national team in a WM-Qualifikationsspiel, he received the pointed name “Rambo” in December 2005 from the “pictures” - newspaper and from the DFB a barrier from 4 obligation plays. In addition it became closed of the FIFA for six international matches. After it had violently attacked its own fellow player in training, one offered of association side professional assistance (psychological support) to it. Alpay deflected the offer however and praised to the repeated mark improvement.


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