Alpha Centauri (TV)

in the transmission row alpha Centauri in the education channel BR-alpha of the Bavarian broadcast tries Professor. Dr. Harald Lesch in approx. in each case. 15-minütigen consequences questions from physics, in particular astronomy and astrophysics, in layman-understandable and loose form tooanswer.

Special characteristics of the transmission are the popular-scientific topics and formulations of title (z. B. „Which was before bend fear for? “, „we are alone in the universe? “, „there is liquor in space? “), the Studiodekoration reminding of school teaching, the economical employment ofIllustrative material, as well as the emotional and gesture-rich lecture style of the moderator.

The meager use of illustrative material is controversially discussed. Proponents rate as reserved presentation, which places the moderator and the topic into the center. Critics object that one so thatMeaning of the observation in the astronomy does not become fair.

The Erstausstrahlung was to 27. September 1998. Every 14 days a new consequence is sent.

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