Alphonse Ratisbonne

Alphonse Ratisbonne, also Marie Alphonse Ratisbonne, (* 1. May 1814 in Strasbourg; † 6. May 1884 in Ain Karim with Jerusalem) was the joint founder of the Kongregation of the Sionsschwestern.

The religion had never played a role in its life, to it to 20. January 1842 a Marienerscheinung in the church pc. Andrea depression Fratte in Rome had. This experience let it convert to the Christianity and it helped later its brother Theodore Ratisbonne during the establishment of medal.


Alphonse was born as a son of a rich Jewish banker family in Strasbourg. After a study of the jurisprudence and literature in Paris he as an attorney and banker in the company of its uncle worked.

In the year 1841 Alphonse Ratisbonne with the daughter of its oldest brother was gotten engaged. The marriage was postponed however, because the girl was 16 years old only, still and Alphonse Ratisbonne undertook a journey in the Orient. Its way led it also into the city Rome, where it more by accident the church pc. Andrea depression Fratte entered and in an optical phenomenon Maria saw there. After this experience it converted with its baptism in a Jesuitenkirche to the Christian faith.

To 20. It stepped June 1842 as Novize into the society Jesu into pc. Acheul. Already starting from the year 1843 it supported its brother Theodore Ratisbonne with the establishment of the Kongregation of the Sionsschwestern. In pc. Acheul received Alphonse to 20. September 1847 or 1848 the consecration to the priest. It occurred the Jesuitenorden and was active as Missionar.

Alphonse Ratisbonne stepped after some years with permission Pope Pius IX. the Jesuitenorden out and member of the brothers of our love became Mrs. von Sion, where it supported the Bekehrung of the Muslims and Jews with the help of karitativer, religious and educational means.

In the year 1855 it moved with the Kongregation of the Sionsschwestern after Jerusalem and let for the sisters in the year 1856 at the Ecco Homo elbow a large monastery building establish there, which received also a school and an orphanage for girls. Outside of the city Jerusalem it left the orphanage pc. in the year 1860. Johann at a mountain with Ain Karim and a further church establish. Late delighted orphanage the pc. Peter in the proximity of the Jaffatores was intended for boys and had an attached school.


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