Old music

old person music is the name for music of the Middle Ages over the Renaissance up to the baroque.

The term was in-patriated, around a term for music before „the conventional classical period “, thus that classically - romantic repertoire 19. Century and the adjacentDecades to have.

Wiederentdeckung and challenges

Fresko of Simone Martini in the chapel of the Unterkirche San Francesco in Assisi (14. To be able to specify

Jh.) old person music as historically as possible, actual with exception of England - in Europe only requests of the20. Century.

Old music is essentially a domain of specialized musicians and ensembles, there special historical music instruments and much technical and practice knowledge over music history, instrument customer, play ways, tendency systems etc. to be present must, in order to find out, how the music of earlier epochs could have sounded. Available are onlyoptical inheritances, z. B.Notations of Gregorian Chorälen from the school of Notre Dame around 1200 - acoustic can give it naturally none. Even if in England the old music were completely continued to deliver from generation to generation, changes are unavoidable.

The Wiederentdeckung of the old personsMusic developed among other things over the following important milestones:

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