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old person synagog in meal

the old person synagog is cultural meeting center and memorial place of the city meal. It is in the center of the city in the Steeler road 29, near the today's city hall multistoried building.

The mechanism, which was created 1980, is accommodated in the former synagog building of the Jewish Vorkriegsgemeinde. The synagog was finished together with attached Rabbinerhaus (today archives of the city meal) 1913 after two-year construction period. Today the building belongs to the largest, besterhaltenen and architecturally most impressing certifications of Jewish culture of the Vorkriegszeit in Germany.

history of the building

the Essener synagog was cultural and social center 1933 of approximately 5,000 members of a counting municipality. It served this function up to the “Reichspogromnacht so mentioned “of 9. on the 10. November 1938. At this night it was damaged by plundering inside strong, in the exterior remained it nearly intact. The building without further damage got over the Second World War.

From 1945 to 1959 the synagog stood unused as ruin at the edge of the Essener city center. 1959 decided the new Jewish postwar municipality, which had used up to then the earlier Rabbinerhaus than center, to the building of its new synagog existing this very day (all corner Sedanstr.). In the same year the city meal acquired the earlier building of synagogs and furnished there to 1960/1961 a museum for industrial design , „the house Industrieform “. For this purpose all still existing synagogalen facility elements were eliminated. On the inside completely more changed and no longer an area in sober purpose form, reminding of the synagog time, developed, for the spirit of the time at that time accordingly. 1979 damaged a fire, released by a short-circuit, the Design exhibition. This event and a changed attitude to handling this place finally caused the advice of the city meal to furnish here to 1980 the institution „old person synagog “. The interior with means of the country North Rhine-Westphalia in the beginning was reconstructed from 1986 to 1988, so that it is again recognizable in its earlier synagogalen outlines.

„the old person synagog “today

today understands itself „the old person synagog “as an open, inviting house of the meeting and discussion. It offers a meeting with Jewish culture and religion once and today. It is a forum of the political discussion of central questions of the present and future. It serves also as place of event for concerts, theatre performances, readings and other cultural meetings.

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