Alternative medicine

the term alternative medicine describes a multiplicity of different diagnostic and therapeutic concepts and methods, which raise the requirement to offer an alternative to the scientifically oriented medicine. The latter is designated in this connection often defining and partly devaluing thanschool medicine “.

„Alternative medicine “covers rather oneAccumulation of different methods as a uniform medical direction. In this connection often also terms are used likecomplementary medicine “ , outsider medicine, special therapy directions, „holistic one “medicine, „gentle medicine “and other one. The alternativemedical spectrum reaches thereby from traditional procedures from the field of the people medicine up to esoterischen Therapy beginnings.

In few exceptions beginnings seem to be located in religious-sparkling wine-like or other radical systems of thought. The alternative welfare systems most well-known in our culture area are the Homöopathie and the Chinese Akupunktur. (For further see: Would list alternativemedical working methods.)

alternativemedical methods can by welfare practical men and physicians offeredbecome, in addition, from members of other occupations of welfare and from laymen.

From view of the scientifically justified and particularly the evidence-based medicine the proof of the effectiveness of alternative welfare methods is pending and/or. only in partial aspects one reached and does not go thereby not significantly beyond a placebo effect. Depending uponPossibility and conditions of the verification and Falsifizierbarkeit are classified the individual alternativemedical methods from this view as pseudoscientific or parawissenschaftlich. However if a scientific effectiveness proof for a method can be furnished, it is taken up to the scientific medicine.

From alternativemedical view scientific methodology becomesProof of an effect connection often as unsuitable outstanding, since many of the therapies proceed from other basic assumptions. The logic of the application of certain cures can be understood only within the premises of the respective system.

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