Alternative world history

alternative world stories are a literature category, which is usually seized under the Science Fiction. They are well-known also under the name Allohistoria , Parahistorie , Alternate History , Counterfactual History or Uchronia.

Stories of these books play in a world, in thatthe run of world history (at the POINT so mentioned OF Divergence) from us admitted sometime deviated. While Science Fiction with the Potentialis operates, alternative world history with the Irrealis operates, asks thus the question: „Which could have been,if…? “. The category was developed in particular in the English-language literature of the post-war period.

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in the science of history thought plays are called to alternative history against-actual history. ThatBerlin historian Alexander Demandt knows 1984 in its writing undone history on the fact that alternative world stories possess a historical value, since they can reflect the deciding match area of a historical person and thus its decision better begründbar or discussable becomes.

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alternative world stories are used gladly as means of the satire.

As background for alternative world stories served among other things:

Beyond that there are also parallel world narrations, in which both possibilities of history developed themselves further independently and in the present, with one another to associate later, usually.

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