Age release

under the age release in such a way specified one understands the release regulated by the legislator about films for children and young people, starting from a certain age and by certain conditions and/or. Editions (for example with the cinema attendance), or however only for adults. The age release for video gamesby the maintenance software self-check (USK) is specified.

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FSK the age release classification in Germany via the Freiwillige self-check of the Filmwirtschaft (FSK). Ita pure release, a recommendation, is not which lets the film concerned for a certain age group appear as particularly suitable. Beyond that it is to be considered that the protection of children and young people law forbids adults to a large extent, children and young person completely free cinema entrance to grant or the access to approved video- To make films possible. Age releases are relevant also for the current television program, but are their observance within the private sector of the families so well not possibly to be controlled and remain thus a task for parents. The protection of children and young people law does not differentiate by the way between adults and parents,although so far during neglect of the regulations hardly any Repressalien threatened parents. However straight in recent past some politicians already called their responsibility in and to want also parents to see in the future more strongly taken into the obligation.

The current FSK releases read (in parentheses the marking for Videofilme):

  • o. A. and/or. without age restriction (recognizably from white label, approx. 10 × 10 mm to find usually on the Cover - back of the DVD - box)
  • starting from 6 years (yellow label)
  • starting from 12 years (green label)
  • starting from 16 years (blue label)
  • k. J. and/or. no youth release (formerly starting from 18 years; red label)


alternative gives it also still SPIO/JK so mentioned - to appraisals to films, which are examined not of the FSK or became. With the JK concerns it lawyers - a commission of the central organization of the Filmwirtschaft(SPIO), which examines such films for whether criminal doubts exist or an offence against the protection of children and young people law could be given. If a film passed the JK - advisory procedures successfully, then is normally a small rectangular, black-and-white label with the print SPIO/JK examined (before times SPIO/JK appraisals: „criminally without heistation “) on the back of the DVD Covers. Films with both test characters of the JK may be transferred - just like completely unchecked or with no youth release of the FSK examined - in principle only to adults.

This JK - Investigation move film rental business companies sometimes forwards, their new oralso republications before all too strong cut defaults or - presented to protect by the FSK. Since a JK - examination however only the character of a private legal appraisal has, the appropriate films can in principle also „country widely seized “ (thus a spreading prohibition in such a way specified becomes legally effective) become, which however so farso well never occurred and due to that rather yardsticks of the JK is also relatively improbable. Only at present well-known exception: The rental business company VCL let examine the film dance the devil (1 ) 1983 of the JK. Nevertheless the film was seized later, howthe JK - Appraisal for a new publication of the company Astro invalid and thus useless was (source: IVD news 02-03/2001). But since end 100 percent protection from surprises, like the example High Tension also does not offer 2004 used new test procedures of the JK to the film lenders (see there under Characteristics) of the publisher MC One recently clarified.

situation in the United States

in the USA is responsible the MPAA (Motion Picture Association OF America) for the classification of films. The MPAA sits down from representatives of the Filmbranche, to thatPolitics, the economy and some religious communities together. Their current classifications for age releases read:

  • G (general Audience: for all age groups suitably)
  • PG (Parental GUI thanks Suggested: Company of an adult recommended)
  • PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned: intensified warning of PG)
  • R (Restricted:under 17Years only in company of an adult)
  • NC-17 (NO One 17 and Under Admitted: starting from 18 years; former designation: To X, see X-Rating).

The MPAA system differs to that extent clearly from the German FSK system, with exception of the NC-17-Filme all films in principle of children and young peopleany age to be seen to be allowed. At the most the company is prescribed by adults (R) or recommended (PG, PG-13).

Before to the USA these age restrictions were introduced, all films for all people were approved, if the films corresponded to the regulations of the Hays code.

The PG-13- Valuation was again introduced on pressure of the producers of the film Indiana Jones and the temple of death 1984, in order to achieve a better gradation between PG and R, which correspond on the one hand to the interests of protection of parents, on the other hand the economic interests of the Filmwirtschaft, there young people rarely alsointo the cinema go to their parents, how it with R - valuation is necessary.

situation in the united kingdom

in Great Britain and Northern Ireland is responsible the BBFC (British board OF film Classification) for the age classifications („Classification “). Its classifications read as follows:

  • U (Universal: for all age groups suitably)
  • UC (been suitable for Vorschulkinder)
  • PG (Parental GUI thanks: for younger children not suitably)
  • 12A (only with motion picture films one uses; under 12 years, however only in company of an adult)
  • 12 (starting from 12 years)
  • 15 (starting from 15 years)
  • 18 (starting from 18 years)
  • R18 (Restricted 18: Pornografie; if a film may by the BBFC is rejected („ rejected “) only

in special business (for example in Sex Shops to be driven out), then it is considered quasi as forbidden and into a special list („video Nasties “) is registered; so for example with the film Maniac happened.

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