Altria Group

Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE: MO), in former times Philip Morris Companies Inc. mentioned, the world-wide largest manufacturer of tobacco goods , the second largest manufacturer of food , is and one of the largest manufacturers of beverages. The company is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial AVERAGE index.

Altria possesses 100% from Philip Morris the USA, Philip Morris international and Philip Morris Capital corporation. To the old Irish Republican Army Group belong also 87.2% from Kraft Foods and 28.7% of SAB Miller.

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tobacco participation

Philip Morris is the world-wide largest tobacco manufacturer (except the monopoly of China national Tobacco of cost.). Their flagship is the mark Marlboro, the usually-sold cigarette mark of the world. Current cigarette marks of the company are as per.

  • Accord (US)
  • alpine one (US)
  • Apollo Soyuz (international)
  • basic (US)
  • Benson & Hedges (US)
  • bond Street (Internationally)
  • Bristol (US)
  • Bucks (US)
  • Cambridge (US)
  • Caro (D)
  • Chesterfield (international)
  • Collector's Choice (US)
  • COMM other (US)
  • Daves (US)
  • Diana (international)
  • English of oval (US)
  • F6 (D)
  • Fajrant (international)
  • jewel (D)
  • L&M (international)
  • Lark (international)
  • Longbeach (international)
  • Marlboro (international)
  • Merit (international)
  • multi-filter (international)
  • Muratti (international)
  • optima (international)
  • Parliament (international)
  • Peter Jackson (international)
  • Petra (international)
  • Philip Morris (international)
  • Players (US)
  • Polyot (international)
  • talk & White (international)
  • Saratoga (US)
  • SG (Internationally)
  • start (international)
  • Vatra (international)
  • Virginia Slims (international)

food companies

also some well-known food marks are made from enterprises the Altria Group.

Kraft Foods

beverage manufacturer



Philip Morris resided in London and had a small cigarette stand with its own mark (Philip Morris). Bringing to Kutscher to it guests after cigarettes asked to him to drive by it them money for it gave.

Its descendants selected the new head office New York with the inheritance .

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