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market capital

the German aluminum industry has a conversion of 13.5 billion euro.



aluminum is for a very long time durable. According to data of Alcoa nearly 70% of the aluminum, which was ever produced, are used nor. That corresponds to 480 millions of 690 million tons, which were produced since 1886.


aluminum is very easy and therefore for many branches of industry attractive. It possesses a specific density of 2,7g/cm^3 (pure aluminium).

environmental impact

aluminum is easily re-usable. In addition energy can be saved through the small weight of the metal with use in mobile parts and vehicles.

Much energy is used against it with production by aluminum (electrolysis). The exploitation of bauxite leads to environmental degradation.

effects on the health

aluminum and has therefore his entitled application in food industry is physiologically harmless.


the most important customer of aluminum in Germany is the automobile industry. Because of its small weight aluminum is indispensable also in the aircraft industry.


of IAI members

26 enterprises are international members aluminum of institutes. They represent all parts of the world and have in the world-wide aluminum market together a portion of approximately 80%.

  • Alcan Inc.
  • Alcoa Inc. (World market leader)
  • ALUAR Aluminio Argentino SAIC
  • Alumina Ltd.
  • Aluminum Bahrain B.S.C. (C)
  • Aluminum corporation OF China Ltd.
  • / BHP Billiton
  • Century Aluminum of cost.
  • Comalco Ltd.
  • Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA)
  • Companhia Vale DO Rio Doce (CVRD)
  • / Corus Group PLC
  • Dadco Alumina and chemicals Ltd.
  • Dubai aluminum company Ltd.
  • Elkem a/s
  • Glencore internationally AG
  • Hindalco Industries Ltd.
  • Norsk hydraulic a.s.
  • Mitsui & cost. Ltd.
  • National aluminum company Ltd., India
  • Nippon Light Metal company Ltd.
  • PT Indonesia Asahan aluminum
  • Russian aluminum Joint stick company (Rusal)
  • SUAL getting thing
  • Sumitomo Chemical company Ltd.

German and Austrian producers

the largest aluminum producers

the most important manufacturing country of aluminum are followed with some distance China, of the Russian federation, Canada and the USA. In Europe are Norway, France and Germany the most important producers.

Die wichtigsten Aluminiumproduzenten
The largest aluminum producers world-wide (2003)
source: Trade paper the world in figures (2005)
rank country production
(in Tsd. t)
Country struggled production
(in Tsd. t)
1 China 4.300 8 India 798
2 Russian Föd. 3.200 9 France 716
3 Canada 2.800 10 South Africa 665
The 4 USA 2.750 11 Germany 660
5 Australia 1.877 12 Venezuela 592
6 Norway 1.192 13 Bahrain 532
7 Brazil 1.000 14 Spain One

finds 389 further tables to production data here:


cost of electricity

the production of aluminum is extremely energy-intensive. Over 40 per cent of production costs is cost of electricity. The aluminum hut of Corus in Voerde for example, which produces 120,000 tons aluminum annually with 500 coworkers, uses as much river as a city with 250.000 inhabitants.

The industry suffers therefore from the high electricity tariffs in Germany. High cost of electricity is the most important reason for the locking of the aluminum works in Stade and Hamburg, the end of 2005 to take place is. Also that Netherlands - British enterprise Corus threatened with the locking of its aluminum metallurgical plants in Germany, if no competitive electricity tariffs negotiate themselves liesen. Corus and the Trimet AG locked current supply contracts with the power station operators Eon and RWE, in order to lower their energy costs and become more competitive.

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