Alwin Wolz

Alwin Wolz (* 22. September 1897 in wind field, middle Franconia; † 15. September 1978 in Vaterstetten with Munich) was a German major general. He handed over at the 3. May 1945 the Hanseatic city Hamburg to English Brigadier General the David Spurling. Wolz, to which, no national socialist was after-said to be, became in the course of the Second World War with that German cross in gold (7. September 1942) and the knight cross of the iron cross (4. June 1943) excellently.

Wolz stepped to 23. June 1915 into the imperial navy . It became to 23. July 1915 as a war kriegsfreiwilliger into the reserve battalion 2. Naval infantry regiment in Wilhelmshaven and became to 25. October 1915 to the 3. Naval infantry regiment shifts. It became at the 1. August 1916 to the Fahnenjunker Gefreiten carries and to 17. July 1916 into the army shifts, where it in 5. Bavarian infantry regiment was active. Wolz became to 8. June 1917 wounded and had up to 19. Stay to July of the same yearly in the hospital. It became to 25. June 1917 to the second lieutenant carried and was of 23. August 1917 up to 31. Octobers 1919 course and company leaders in various regiments.

To 24. It changed November 1919 into the police service, where it held a prominent position with the motorized units. It was among other things from the 1925 to 1928 directors/conductors of the engine transport battalion of the state police land hat.

At the 1. September 1935 it was subordinated to the Air Force and promoted to captain. In the Second World War he was commander of various Flakregimenter. To 2. April 1945 was appointed Wolz, which had meanwhile the rank of a major general, the combat commander of Hamburg. After he was with Karl a buyer over the hopeless situation united, he handed the city to Hamburg over at the 3. May 1945 in the city hall the British Brigadier General David Spurling. Afterwards it came into British shank, from which it to 7. July 1947 to dismiss became.

Alwin Wolz died to 15. September 1978 at a cardiac infarct in Vaterstetten with Munich.


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