an amateur (franz. for „lovers “) is a person, who - contrary to the professional - exercises an activity from hobby, without making an occupation from it.

The term states few over the expertise of amateurs, which can have quite professional level. On the other handthe term is not used amateurful devaluing in the sense of „on professional level “.

In the sport the name of amateurs and offers therefore cause again and again for criticism is frequently indistinct. Thus in the German football haven the second crews of the men were defined until 2005 as „amateurs “, althoughthe players their living costs usually by the sport finance. In the times of the cold war the amateur term in the communist states led to criticism in the west. (see also: State amateur). In many kinds of sport the official separation disappears in professionals and amateurs afterand after.

To in 20. Amateurs in the science a not insignificant role, z played century inside. B. in physics some Bierbrauer, who investigated thermodynamics. Likewise was Alfred prepare, who won important realizations in the archaeology, strictly speaking an amateur. According to thatlarge specialization in 20. Century become however ever rarer such transitions from amateurs to pure researchers. However for instance also today still amateurs and astroassociations so mentioned with discoveries of new heavenly bodies contribute to the research in the astronomy.

Also on the field of the theatre and that Engaged amateurs a not insignificant role play small art. Groups of layman plays and/or. Amateur theatres, in addition, school theatres compile performances in their spare time pretty often up to almost professional level. The amateur Kabarett Mindener Stichlinge, for 40 years actively, worked among other things successfully with professionals such as HannsDieter Hüsch and harsh ore flint together.

However computer science is a new operating field for amateurs. Open SOURCE - projects such as Linux have further highest level and to profit from the advantage to have many engaged trailers. Thus resulting software faults become more rapid than z. B. with Windows corrects, andthe operating systems are professionally used in increasing measure.

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