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Jaques Lipschitz und seine Frau, 1916
Jaques Lipschitz and its wife, 1916

Amedeo Modigliani (* 12. July 1884 in Livorno, Italy; † 24. January 1920 in Paris) was an Italian draughtsman, painter andSculptor of Jewish descent. Modigliani is particularly admits for its numerous act paintings and its Portraitzeichnungen of women with remarkably faces pulled into the length. Importantly also its Karyatiden are - portraits.

After a theory with a painter in Livorno as well as studies onthe academies of arts of Florenz and Venice Modigliani came 1906 to Paris. Into Montmartre he came into contact with the Kubismus. 1909 it shifted its residence after Montparnasse. Until 1915 it was active as sculptors.

Modiglianis art is substantially coined/shaped by the design. Its document and Portraits are verfremdet of expressiver, sinnlicher Emotionalität. The pallet gets along predominantly with few grey-green and brown colours. The early sculptures are strongly geometrically representative, carry gothical elements and remind partly onWorks from the Kykladenkultur.

Often it painted, if it stood under drugs, because artists had it at this time very heavily to sell pictures. It made itself concerns around its drug consumption, above all because its body not particularly, used it was stable however nevertheless. He drank also to see around the ugliness of the things. Like many other artists also Modigliani did not even possess enough money, in order to pay its rent. Thus it came that it manyhis paintings friends and desperately burned “gave” the remainder.

Modigiliani, which had Tuberkulose and was alcohol dependent, died poor and becomes impoverished. Its loving, Jeanne Hébuterne, with which he had a child, committed suicide on the day following on it.


  • 1914 study for a Portrait of franc Burty Haviland
  • 1916 portrait max of Jacob
  • 1917 act with Halskette

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