Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart

Amelia Mary Earhart (* 24. July 1897 in Atchinsons, Kansas; † (verschollen) 2. July 1937 in the Pacific ocean) was an US-American Flugpionierin and Frauenrechtlerin.

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Amelia Mary Earhart was the daughter of the lawyer Edward Earhart and his Mrs. Amelia Otis. Because its father was alcohol ill, she spent her childhood to a large extent in the house of their grandparents. Already asChild revolted itself Amelia Earhart against the role roles of its sex. It climbed on trees, hunted rats with the rifle and collected newspaper articles over women in occupations of man.1915 terminated it the High School with honor, from 1917 on worked itas military nurse and a social female worker in bad clay/tone.1919 began to study it to the Columbia University in New York medicine. The study pleased her not, it fallow after a scarce year off and returned to their parents to Los Angeles.

1920 were allowed to along-fly it for the first time in an airplane and from then on had it only a goal before eyes: Fly. Flying hours cost at that time 1000 dollar and Amelias parents refused financing their “Spleen”. She workedin 28 different jobs and 1921 took their first flying hour with Neta Snook. Already six months later she bought with saved and borrowed money their first airplane, with which she shortly thereafter set up a world record in altitude for women(4300 m).1924 could be separated their parents and them pulled with their nut/mother to the east coast of the United States. For sake their nut/mother sake sold it their airplane and bought for it a sports car. She worked in bad clay/tone as a teacher andlater than social female worker.

1928 became it famous, when she crossed as a first woman the Atlantic in an airplane - only as Passagierin, about what she was annoyed. Nevertheless she was celebrated as a heroine, to the “woman of the yearly” selected and received moreAttention as the pilot Wilmer Stultz. In shortest time Amelia Earhart became a Idol of the young American women. It was invited frequently to interviews and lectures and used these, around “the women of the cage of their sex to take out”.It stressed again and again that at women no other standards should be imposed than to men, in addition, that women would have “the reference to its sex already much to for a long time as evasion used”.

1929 took it at the first Cleveland Women'sAir Derby (mentioned “Puderquastenrennen “), a cross-country air competition only for female pilots, part. Financially and morally it was supported by New Yorker publishers the George Palmer Putnam. In consequence of the destroying reactions of the press to running Amelia metEarhart in the autumn 1929 with four other well-known pilot inside. They created the club of the ninety-nine with the goal together of strengthening the position of the woman in aviation.

1931 received the sixth proposal of its Verehrers and Mentors of many years George to EarhartP. Putnam and married it (“against-striving”, like it stressed) to 7. February. She feared that the marriage could limit her in her Fliegerei, and wanted to get also no children: “It lasts to for a long time to make a baby”.

1932,a half year after their wedding, dared it their largest adventure: It crossed five years after Charles Lindbergh as a first Mrs. the Atlantic in the solo flight. It started to 20. May 1932 by Newfoundland toward Paris. Because of bad weatherand technical problems reached it Paris however not, but had in close proximity to Londonderry (Northern Ireland) to already make an emergency landing. For this flight, by which it became also first humans, who had flown over twice the Atlantic, became it alsothe gold medal that national geo graphics Society honoured. In its thank speech she meant laconic: “Some aspects of the flight were represented exaggerated, are afraid I. It was many more excitingly to be written, I had landed with the last litres fuel. Actually I hadstill over four hundreds (litres). And I did not kill a cow with the landing - it is, one before fear would have died. “

As chairmen of the Ninety Nines Amelia occurred untiringly for its toolistic goals and was ashamedalso not to use their popularity in order to oppose against the traditional educating system, which divides “humans further according to their sex”. It stressed again and again that it also concerned to it with their daring record flights to prove that women tootechnical maximum output in the situation are. It used itself again and again for the fact that women got their permission to technical universities. With each of its flights it proved that women can carry out just as much as men. As Gastdozentin of the Purdue University in Lafayette she helped to compile the bases which promote young women in aviation. It supported young women with the occupation choice and helped them to seize in technical occupation foot.

1935 flew over it as first humans in the solo flight thatPart the Pacific ocean between Honolulu (Hawaii) and Oakland (California). This distance is longer than the flight from America to Europe. Still in the same year it flew the first solo from Mexico city to Newark.

Briefly before their 40. Birthdayit planned somewhat, which had dared still nobody: It wanted to orbit the earth at the equator. In March it had to already break the first attempt off because of an engine fire in Hawaii. With her navigator Fred Noonan started it to 21. May 1937 in Miami again. After intermediate stops in Brazil, west Africa, Calcutta and Rangoon it had to 29. June of three quarters of the distance put back and started to 2. July of new Guinea, around the last piece - thatPacific - to bring behind itself. It approached the Howland island , where it wanted to insert a last intermediate stop. There it however never arrived.

The largest search action of past history was introduced briefly after its last radiogram and to 19.July again given up. 64 airplanes and 8 warships were involved in the search. Amelia Earhart explained as “verschollen, probably dead”.1938 were built it in honours on the Howland island a lighthouse. Their corpse and their airplane became until todaynot found. Around their disappearing many rumors climb. For example American fliers on an island in the Pacific want to have met a woman, who saw Earhart and which did not want similar to call its name. After another rumor was itan American spy, who disappeared “according to plan”, in order to spy Japanese army bases in the South Seas. Still another another version mentioned, it made an emergency landing on Marshall Islands and by the Japanese army was imprisoned taken.

The Raising Amelia corporation (RAC, S. Web left) hasitself to the goal set of finding the airplane and a media programme belonging to it started.

“If their flight into the eternity led, can one their loss betrauern, but their attempt not regret. Amelia did not lose, because its last flightwas endless. As is the case for a relay run of the progress it has the torch/flare only different one hands over, which will further-carry it to the next goal and from there into all eternity. “ (Jackie Cochran, Mitgründerin of the Ninety Nines, over A.Earhart).


  • 1922 - woman elevator Mrs. 4267 m (14,000 ft)
  • 1928 - first flight of a woman over the Atlantic (as Passagierin)
  • 1928 - your book „20 Hours 40 Minutes “became a large success.
  • 1929 - Third rankin the roofridge Women's air Derby, mentioned “Puderquastenrennen”
  • 1929 - choice as function airs for national the Aeronautic Association. It inspired the Federation Aeronautique international one (FAI), separate height to introduce speed and perseverance records for women.
  • 1930 - Woman speed record for 100 km withoutCharge and with 500 kg of charge.
  • 1930 - Vice-president of a new aviation company, „the New York, Philadelphia and Washington Airways “
  • 1931 - Mrs. autogiro - elevator record: 5613 m (18,415 ft)
  • 1932 - first solo flight of a woman over the Atlantic in 14Hours 56 minutes
  • of 1932 - first solo Transkontinentalflug of a Mrs. (19 h 5 min)
  • 1932 - president of the Ninety Nines
  • 1933 - new woman speed record in the Transkontinentalflug (17 h 7 min)
  • 1935 - first solo flight at all over the Pacific of Honolulu afterOakland
  • 1935 - First solo flight at all from Los Angeles to Mexico city (13 h 23 min)
  • 1935 - first solo flight at all from Mexico city to Newark (14 h 19 min)
  • 1937 - (in the context of their Weltumquerung): First flight at all of the Red Seato India

Amelia Earhart was the first woman, who possessed a pilot light of the Fédération Aéronautique international one (FAI).

„Please know I to quite aware OF the hazards.

I want ton of DO it because I want ton of DO it. Women must trytons of DO things

as men have tried. When they fail, their failures must but A

challenge ton others. “ (A. Earhart, 1937)


  • 1928 - 20 Hrs. 40 min.: Our Flight into the Friendship
  • 1932 - TheFun OF it.
  • 1937 - Load Flight (post-mortem of George P. Putnam given change; ISBN 0517567946)
  • 1939 - Soaring Wings (post-mortem biography of George P. Putnam with diary entries of A. Earhart)


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Amelia Earhart becamealso in the star Trek - universe honoured. In the episode “The 37 ' s” (German title: “The 37er”), from the series star Trek: Spaceship Voyager, they and their copilot of the crew of the spaceship U.S.S. became. Voyager NCC 74656 in a state security service capon a strange planet discovers. They were kidnapped, the episode according to, during the crossing of the Pacific by extraterrestial slave holding, the Briori, and brought on the other side of the galaxy. Was played Amelia Earhart of Sharon Lawrence.

One the most importantStar basis Earhart is called space stations of the star fleet in the series.

Joni Mitchells piece of “Amelia” (album: Hejira) turns around Amelia Earhart. Also Heather new facts took up a Song over it (“I measure My Sky”). Of the Canadian group of skirts Bachman TurnerOverdrive exists likewise a Song with the title “Amelia Earhart”.

On Mitchells liveDVD “Shadows and Light” gives it also historical photographs.

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