Amherstburg is a city in the Essex County, in the west Ontarios, Canada. It has 20,440 inhabitants (conditions 2005), is appropriate close of the delta the border between Canada and the USA for forming Detroit River in the Eriesee and about 25 km south the city Detroit (Michigan), which is on the opposite side of the river. It is designated after the British general Jeffrey Amherst.

In the place of the later city the British army established 1796 an attachment with the name away to Amherstburg, which was during the war of 1812 with the USA the headquarters of the British troops in southwest upper Canada. Major general Henry Procter had to vacate the away in September 1813 after the defeat in the battle on the Eriesee and withdraw itself eastward. After the war the away Malden at this location, which 1839 as central base of the government troops served 1838 - 1840 were again built and during the upper-Canadian rebellion of 1837, developed -. 1851 received the place as much situation with town powers the municipal law.

In later 19. Century was Amherstburg a terminator point of the so-called. Underground Railway, a network, which smuggled fled slaves from the Southern States of the USA to Canada. Of this time the North American Black Historical museum settled there reminds. During the Prohibition of the 1920er years was Amherstburg a starting point for the smuggling of alcohol.

To the objects of interest away Malden, the North American Black Historical museum, the Gibson Gallery ( an art gallery) belong, to park the House museum (a house of the Viktoriani era), and The Commissariat, in which the British-Canadian Provinizalmarine on the large lakes is represented.

sons and daughters of the city

  • Seth Bullock, historical person, Sheriff, United States Marshal and Hotelier

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