Amoco Cadiz

Amoco Cadiz was a tanker of the Amoco oil corporation. To 16. It collided to March 1978 with rock at the coast Brittany and broke apart into two parts, which led to the fifth-largest oil misfortune of history. 1.619.048 barrels (223,000 t) crude oil arrived in the sea.

The cause for this tanker misfortune was a loss of the helm in the morning against 9.45 o'clock, while the ship brought in into the operating running system before Ouessant at the western point of Brittany. It prevailed western wind with strength 7, which still on gale strength should increase later. The captain reacted to the rudder loss, by stopping the ship and it let two black balls draw up as signal that the ship was out of control. In addition it set a warning off to other ships over radio.

Since rudder losses were not regarded as necessarily something special, the crew tried to repair first the damage, although the Amoco Cadiz only 24 km before the coast was. Only against 11.20 o'clock was requested a tractor, which about one hour arrived later. Unfortunately the tractor did not have enough achievement, in order to turn the Amoco Cadiz with the nose into the wind, in order to then depart with in genes the drive from the coast to. A stronger tractor was on the way, arrived however no longer in time. Against 21 o'clock rammed the Amoco Cadiz rock before haven universe, approx. 24 km northeast from Ouessant. The crew was evacuated by helicopters. At the night fallow the ship apart and the running out crude oil got waters and coasts dirty of northwest France in the next weeks.


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