Amputationswerkzeug aus dem 18. Jahrhundert
Amputationswerkzeug from that 18. Century
representation of the Beinamputation Friedrichs III. 1493

as Amputation (lat. Ablatio) one generally designates the separation of a part of the body. To differentiate hereunder applies it between the Amputation as surgical interference and the Amputation as injury (consequence accident of a mechanism). The Amputation in form of a medical interference is accomplished as last measure, if the life of the patient is different not to save or to be expected a healing of the part of the body concerned not. In Germany 2003 according to compulsory health insurance scheme 61,000 surgical Amputationen were made.

Causes, which make such Amputation necessary on the part of the physician, can be accidents , infections , necroses or cancer illnesses. Amputationen can be made in particularly urgent cases by the emergency surgeon still at the accident scene, about if in other way gotten jammed patient schwerst not be released cannot. Beyond that Amputationen are accomplished in some ( usually Islamic coined/shaped ) countries also as punishment for certain crimes. Strictly taken also beheading ( cutting back ) is a form of the Amputation as punishment.

A special kind of the Amputation is the castration.

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before 3,000 years in old Egypt were already made Amputationen. Researchers discovered however on cave painting - pictures representations of Amputationen of fingers. These pictures originate from the Mittelsteinzeit (8.000-6.000 v. Chr.). It is unknown whether the Amputation for medical or ritual reasons took place.

The French surgeon Ambroise Paré led in the middle 16. Century as first Amputationen with Arterienligaturen out, which replaced the before common Kauterisierung.

first assistance with Amputationen caused by an accident

here concerns it a first aid measure. A measure only by a description to learn, is very difficult. Attend a Erste-Hilfe-Kurs, there the measure are demonstrated and you to be able to do them under guidance to practice.
Respect your self-protection, before and during you first aid measures accomplish. Use a mark gloves, as they are contained in each first aid kit. If you are outside of the danger area, save if necessary hurt from selbigem.

first (if necessary. life-saving) measures

Wichtig bei Amputationen mit Blutverlust: Schocklagerung
important with Amputationen with Blutverlust: Shock storage
  1. if necessarily, rescue of the hurt one from the danger zone considering the own security. The cause of the Amputation consider: With their still danger could go out.
  2. Hurt put down (leave).
  3. Life-saving immediate measures:
  4. With signs for shock condition: Measures for shock control introduce (shock situation)! Notice: A shock condition can be life-threatening!
Amputatversorgung durch einen Ersthelfer (Skizze). Klicken Sie auf die Grafik um sie groß zu sehen.
Amputatversorgung by a Ersthelfer (sketch). Click on the diagram around it to see large.

further assistance and Amputat supply

  1. psychological support of the hurt one: Calming, comfort that Zuspruch, reference to the emergency service already starting.
  2. Amputat, if discoverably, do not clean! With water into contact to come do not leave!
  3. Amputat in winding - if at all possible germ-free (for example with federation cloth from KFZ - first aid kit!)
  4. Connected material with Amputat in-wound therein is in a plastic bag and a this into a plastic bag to be put for its part, which is filled with ice-cooled water. On the fact it respects that the Amputat becomes further not wet.
  5. Amputat the arriving emergency service hand over!
  6. Notice: The supply of the hurt one is more important in each case than the supply of the Amputats!

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