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Wappen von Amriswil
base data
canton: Thurgau
district: Bishop cell
BFS NR.: 4461
postal code: 8580
coordinates: 47° 33 ' n. Break.
9° 18 ' o. L.
Height: 437 m and. M.
Surface: 19,1 km ²
inhabitants: 11 ' 477 (31. December 2005)
Karte von Amriswil

Amriswil is a municipality in the district bishop cell of the canton Thurgau in Switzerland.

It is between Weinfelden and Arbon and/or. Novel horn in the proximity of the Bodensee and the city pc. Gallen.

Amriswil is a traffic junction. The main streets of novel horn, Arbon, pc. Gallen, Kreuzlingen, bishop cell and Weinfelden out meet in Amriswil. The intertown centers of the distance novel horn Zurich hold here. The municipality has a bus linear network. Due to this situation many purchase possibilities exist in Amriswil.

The municipality consists of the following localities (inhabitant conditions 2000):

  • Amriswil (9 ' 769 E.)
  • Oberaach / Biessenhofen (853 E.)
  • Hagenwil / smoke reading mountain (242 E.)
  • Schocherswil (336 E.)

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799 is mentioned for the first time Amriswil under the name Amalgeriswilare. It is meant a alemannisches word and “Weiler of the Amalger”. Amalger is presumably a name. “more ger” Speer, what “amal”, means is unclear, one assumes however “fight” means.


supposed existed already at Roman times a Roman road, which ran from Vitodurum (upper Winterthur) by the today's area from Amriswil to Arbor Felix (Arbon).

1408 were mentioned a chapel, which was to be built 1350, in Amergaswile. With the establishment of the canton 1803 Amriswil became a political municipality. Schocherswil belongs since 1997 to the municipality Amriswil (before to Zihlschlacht Sitterdorf).

fusion to city size

  • 1925 was fused Hemmerswil with Amriswil.
  • 1932 were fused mill brook with Amriswil with Amriswil.
  • 1979 was united to Biessenhofen , Oberaach and smoke reading mountain with Amriswil to the unit municipality Amriswil.
  • 1997 became the local municipality Schocherswil (BFS NR. 4516) from the Munizipalgemeinde Zihlschlacht separated and with the unit municipality Amriswil combines. (Mutation No. 37a to the official municipality listing of Switzerland, 1986)
  • since that 1. January 2005 is considered to “Amriswil” officially as city.

objects of interest

community center Amriswil

in the village a reformed large church is in the middle in stresses again-gothical style. The community center with the village square educates likewise a beautiful ensemble.

Lock Hagenwil

in the Weiler Hagenwil stands a surge tank. This is well-known for the restaurant and the art exhibitions.

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